Astarte Picture

This is a detailed color drawing depicting the goddess Astarte. She is an ancient Canaanite goddess regarded as the Queen of Heaven and of the Stars. She is a cosmic mother goddess and the crescent moon in her hair links her to the goddess traditions of the ancient world, an elegant touch for a beautiful goddess. Astarte is another name for the Babylonian and Sumerian goddess Isthar, also known as Inanna. She was the goddess of Love, Passion, and War, known for her rivalry with her sister Ereshkigal, the goddess of Death and the Dead. Astarte is the equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus, whereas Ereshigal was the direct equivalent to the Greek goddess Persephone and the Roman goddess Proserpine. I have depicted Astarte with blue skin in this image to show her in her aspect as a Sky Goddess and Queen of Heaven. She is seated upon clouds, whilst a swirling cosmic void forms behind her. In her hand, she is holding a crystal sphere, and her body is surrounded by a pure white, divine aura, though she herself is neither truly evil nor truly good. Her expression is serene, for she is a goddess of Light, Life, and many other things besides.
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