cupid and psyche Picture

OMG, you can guess that I did this for Valentine's day, despite the fact that I hate the holiday. I dedicated this one to my sister. It's her holiday. she likes it, so I decided to make her a drawing about the most romantic story of mythology:

"Psyche is a princess so beautiful that the goddess Venus becomes jealous. In revenge, she instructs her son Cupid to make her fall in love with a hideous monster; but instead he falls in love with her himself. He becomes her unseen husband, visiting her only at night. Psyche disobeys his orders not to attempt to look at him, and in doing so she loses him. In her search for him she undertakes a series of cruel and difficult tasks set by Venus in the hope of winning him back. Cupid can eventually no longer bear to witness her suffering or to be apart from her and pleads their cause to the gods. Psyche becomes an immortal and the lovers are married in heaven."

source: psyche.html">[link]
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