#051 APHROTEEN Picture


Ability: Cute Charm

Hidden Ability: Serene Grace


Aphroteen, the mollusk love. It is found in coral reefs or near the beaches of Olympus region. At this stage she and her shell is double the size of previous form. Are very serene and captivating Pokémon and people. Usually walk between islands using its shell as boat. They say that when a Aphroteen is spotted by someone at sea this person will be lucky in love.

base Mythological:

Aphroteen and its evolutionary line are based on the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, mixed with a "lesser god", Afros. This was the very foam that together with the semen of Kronos served to create the Goddess of Love. Venus is the Roman name of Aphrodite, its name derives from clam "scallop" that brought the sea to the mainland.

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