#052 APHRODY Picture

Type: Water/ Fairy

Ability: Cute Charm
Hidden Ability: Serene Grace


Aphrody, the Pokémon of Love. It can be seen in large rocks in the sea, always displaying its beauty. He manages to attract Pokémon and even people to admire him and thus get treats and gifts. After evolving from Aphroteen, the shell that carries considerably reduces its size. It is clean, polished in fact, with the proper foam produced by this Pokémon.

base Mythological:

Aphrody and its pre-evolution are based on the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, mixed with a "lesser God", Afros. This was the very foam along with Uranus semen served to create the Goddess of Love. Venus is the Roman name of Aphrodite, derived its name from the clam "scallop" that brought the sea to the mainland.
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