dawn-working title.... WIP2 Picture

so this is my 2nd WIP and m sitting in my room tryina type this while barely breathing cuz my room reeks of turpenoid... oi. m so gonna get cancer lol
anywayz, i snapped a quickie picture; didnt even bother to PS it cuz m tryina get away from my room asap.
yah, it's eos, from greek mythology, goddess of dawn getting awakened by a bunch of cherubs and nymphs playing music.
i cant quite decide whether to have her pink top be sheer or not. m still working on her face too. i have to redo the guy in the bottom left (if he looks familiar, that's because i kinda stole him from william bouguereau's "birth of venus")
and the flutist in the bottom also needs some work... the rest isnt done... so yah, any suggestions will be more than welcome
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