Aphrodite Picture

So... We had a project in english/Mythology class, and that is to perform the characters given to us.
After the performances, we also had the photo shoot which is in collab with our computer project.
I was given the character, Psyche and it was pretty fun performing her character. The photoshoot was also the best!

So I thought, Why not make a cartoonized version of how everyone sees their character?
I ended up interviewing my classmates and their PoV of their characters..
I started to draw them! I hope you enjoy!

-aka VENUS
-Goddess of Love
-Goddess of lust
-When Kronos(Saturn/Father of Zeus) cut off his father(Ouranous/Gaia's husband)'s male parts, it fell into the sea and was turned into sea foam, thus the birth of the goddess, Aphrodite.
-Lover of Ares/MARS(God of War)
-Wife of Hephaestus/VULCAN/MULCIBER
-Mother of Eros/Cupid
-hates the three virgin goddesses: Athena/Minerva, Hestia/Vesta, and Phoebe Artemis/Diana
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