Jungian Schema Picture

Okay... This one is dirty, dirty, too much graphite.

First of all, the depicted character is a MALE.

The whole scheme is based in Carl Jung's Psychoanalytic theory, mainly the semiotic concerns

The whole brain is a symbol for the mind itself, mainly the conscious Ego.

The circle with a top-view brain represents the shadow, because of the shading and unstable brain position. Jung's shadow is the feared or hated part of the self, contradicting the ego, it is said that is necessary to be aware of the existence of it.

The Second circle is an interpretion of the Anima. The Anima is the complex cluster of all femenine characteristics in a male mind. The nude woman is an obvious image of the Anima, It is shaded because the Anima mostly inhabits th Unconscious. The circle transforms into a Venus Symbol, regarding obviously, women, the Anima. There is one genetic detail on top, The XX, it might be the 2 sexual chromosomes for woman. Only one X is also present in the male body, also to be compared with Anima.

Anima has a counterpart named Animus, the compilation of all male characteristics; howerver, the character is a male, so the animus is implied.

The third circle contains a small cross corresponding to the Earth symbol and the semiotic drawing of the self. The self is the personality itself. Like Freud's Superego, it is located in both the conscious and unconscious mind. Self is the core of the Jungian mental map.

The Ouroboros is the ring shaped snake/dragon located on the neck. The orouboros is a mythological alchemic symbol of a dragon eating itself as, simoultneously, it gives birth to itself. The ouroboros is an infinite cycle and may be related to the collective unconscious and the awareness of the self. The collective unconscious is, according to jung a circle (the ouroboros) that contains the individual unconscious (White fill), which contains the Self (the black dot). The black do can also be substituted with the conscious mind.

The Caduceus Is hermes' or mercury's wand. Mercury is also a sign for Hermaphroditism, as the male is mars and the female is venus. The caduceus represents the Collective unconscious, or the database of world knowledge (see myth reocurring and universal symbols). A person is always in contact with the Collective unconscious, but not aware of it (hence the unconsciousness). The collective unconscious is bigger than the individual one. THe collective unconscious is global. The individual unconscious contains fragments of the collective one and alterations/inversions of it.

For ezplaining other points like typpologies, I would need more drwings
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