I Used to Draw in Sketchbooks Picture

now I mostly draw on separate pieces of paper or digitally, and usually work towards a project instead of just doodle. I'm not sure I could anymore... these I found in sketchbooks about three years old. I have been updating my websites and wanted to try to find some concept drawings from my comic, but I ended up finding all kinds of things! Mostly they're early concept work for a lot of my characters, including my very first few drawings of Susan! can you find them in there? heeheheee. fun stuff.
Hopefully I have improved over the past few years.

EDIT: rearranged image to be vertical so you can view it larger on this site.

From Top-Bottom, Left-Right (mostly)
Early sketch of Jack (emo cupid's human friend)
Drawing of Moonie for comic spread idea
Cupid (from my cupid and psyche animation) in his round window
woodland Diana costume for Odd Gods project
first four drawings of Susan Saltshaker EVER (no nose!)
Mythology High attitude drawings of Venus and Minerva
a much younger Rowen design
pieces of a penciled comic featuring Michael of Witchman
Quinn the 'Guin (one of my first animated subjects)
An annoyed Witchman
Susan and Darton in a different drawing style
a sinister frog prince
an old drawing of Rowen that matches his current style
Moonie with an anime expression (she just needs the giant teardrop)
Two early and very stretchy cartoony drawings of Darton
Switch and two switch expressions
A bitter Abra
a cartoony Switch on Valentine's Day
A VERY early concept drawing of Rowen and the goblin Sloth
a sexy Moonie
character attitude drawings of Venus, Mars, Apollo (who never got a mythology high drawing) and Diana
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