Born From Love Picture

Redoing Venus a little, I'll have a new profile up from her soon.

I was looking up Sumerian mythology and I found this poem about Inanna.

I am the daughter of the Ancient Mother,
I am the child
of the Mother of the World.
I am your daughter
O Ancient Mother,
I am your child
O Mother of the World.
O Inanna! O Inanna!
O Inanna!
It is you who teaches us
to die, be reborn and rise again.
Die, be reborn, and rise!
Queen of Heaven and Earth

Information about Inanna can be found here. [link] I'll post information about the other Sumerian gods if I find any.

Anyways, this is when Jay first met Venus. He has just joined and was about ten. Him and Clark was searching around trying to make sure there wasn't any Bloods around the hideout when they saw Venus in a red dress just standing there.

The symbol on Venus' arm is a symbol of Inanna by the way.

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