sasuke no nishikihebi Picture

Another piece of the ensuing "Tsunade as Venus" project.


I am so fucking tired of asking that. Call it a superstition... But I really would like it. *bambieyes*

This variation is inspired by the snake found in the UZUMAKI artbook. I knew I needed the snake in there as a platform for the cherubs (Sakura and Sasuke) to stand on, and since I'm a snake owner and snake lover (don't take that the wrong way...) and stickler for detail, I had to make it look a little more realistic. So I looked up some anaconda photos as models, and tried (I say tried) to adapt Kishimoto's original design to that. There are anatomical errors... what the hell? It's supposed to be a mythological creature anyway. *stammers while pacing*

Also, as a lover of the African adders (Puff Adder, Gaboon and Rhinoceros vipers, etc.) I gave it that triangle stroke thing on the side. I think it looks cool.


Detail of nishikihebi
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