The Gentle Breathing of Zephyr Picture

I love greek mythology and one of my favorite myths is of "Pysche and Eros/Cupid."

Pysche was one of the most beautiful women on earth. So beautiful, in fact, that Venus, goddess of beauty and love, paled in comparison. Venus grew jealous and asked her son to kill Pysche. Unfortunately, Eros/ Cupid fell in love with Pysche. He wanted to keep her as his wife but he had to hide her from his mother. So he told Apollo, god of light and music, about his plight.

Meanwhile on earth, Pysche's parents grew worried because no man wanted to marry her. Although men were entranced by her beauty they did not fall in love with her. Her father went to an oracle of Apollo for advice who said that she must be left on the top of mountain and a horrible serpent beast would marry her. They complied but the thing that met her on the top of that mountain was actually Eros, disguised as a Zephyr, a sweet and gentle breeze. To make sure Pysche's love was true, he made sure never to show his face. Of course, now being the wife of something from the god world, Pysche's sisters grew jealous and caused her to doubt the Zephyr's love.

Pysche, to quench her curiosity of what her husband looked like, snuck into the Zephyr' room and let the candle light fall onto his face. And there she realized it was Eros, god of sexual love and beauty. A wave of guilt for betraying his trust washed over her but before she could leave, he woke up. Hurt and betrayed, he banished her. After being abandoned, she went to Venus to beg for forgiveness and a second chance. She would spend the next decade (this varies in each translation) doing tasks to prove her worth. Eventually Eros accepts her and they get formally married with all the gods to recognize their marriage.

I really love how bitter-sweet this story is and Pysche’s journey from being an insecure young girl to a strong woman.
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