Springtime the Sheep Picture

*Shot* Owwww...........SHE'S A SHEEP. Yeah.......I'm gonna go rant now because I love explaining how I came up with her because I just love to talk. lol You see, I have a thing for Roman and Greek mythology, the stories are just so imajinative and it sparks my imajination. Two of my favorite stories is of the Godesses called "Proserpine" (Persephone in greek) and Psyche [SYE-key] You could look up the stories I like. Proserpine and Hades (whoever thought that guy would get married?) and Cupid and Psyche (I know what your thinking: "Diaper boy" got married?!" O.O) yeah, hard to believe I actually enjoyed reading Hades and Cupid's personalities, as dark as Hades is or as .....*cracks a giggle* lovey dovey as Cupid is, I kind of like those couples. So this is where Springtime cuts in. Like I said, I was very inspired from reading those two stories, so inspired i thought I'd make something isnpired from Proserpine and Psyche. Ceres, the godess of harvest and agriculture, has a daughter named Proserpine that everybody ca=laims to be "as beautiful as spring". Before being wed to Cupid, Psyche was a fair and beautiful princess, so beautiful of a "mortal" that starngers mistook her for Venus, which angered Venus herself. (in other words: "What do you mean I'm not as pretty as her!") Later, after being tested by Venus, and marrying Cupid, the gods allowed her to become a godess so her and Cupid would never have to part from their love (That was really cheesy. XD) She became the godess of Soul, since "Psyche" in greek means "Soul". So I wanted somebody who was beatutiful, fair, loved mother nature and was full of spirit. So Springtime is kind of a combination of Proserpine, Psyche and my own weird imajination. I'll come up with a story line adding Hades and cupid and just twist it into that and originality. lol enjoy. *smacked to death*
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