Mighty Aphrodite Picture

Another revamp, this time of my interpretation of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Once again, I didn't change a whole lot, since I really loved the design. I just added more detail, a kick ass pose, and a little more colour. I'm in love with making glowies and illuminated people, which I'm sure you all know since quite a few of my deviations have glowies in them. (Glowies being the little balls of white "light" I make.) Anyhow, here she is in all of her glory! Oh, by the way, her eyes might look a little wierd, it was just the scan killing it a little bit. They aren't bad in person. And I always put these things in Traditional Art/Drawings because the character (the main focus in my opinion) is made with Traditional Art means. If I had the markers to do the background, I would, but 80% of my markers are dead or dying... I need a new set but am SO dang poor... Also, I put it in Fantasy because I figured mythology would go in that section. If not, then sorry.

Aphrodite done in Microns and Prismacolor markers. Background/border/glowies done in Photoshop 7.0.

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