I am Love Tshirt Design Threadless Contest Picture


Mythology inspired T shirt Contest Design

This inked beauty embodies all that is good in the world as portrayed by the goddess of love, Venus, who is strategically placed at the center of the atom rings and of our universe. The wings illustrate the desire to travel while the roses represent the need to be grounded and close to nature. Being the edgy, modern yet tasteful woman she is, the goddess maintains a sense of class, even with her septum piercing, gauge in the shape of a ticking clock, and array of tattoos. She bares a necklace made of black pearls to symbolize her purity, rarity and loyalty. “I imagined a concept of beauty and love, and thus, turned my inspiration into creation."

So I entered a T-shirt Design Contest with the theme "Mythology" on Threadless and I've got 10 days to get it voted to the top! Check out my design of the Goddess Venus and if you deem it worthy then give it a 5 or you can order it for 20 bucks. Click the link and if you're not a part of the Threadless community, you can simply join through Facebook. I'd really appreciate the support and feel free to share the link

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