Aphrodite, Athena and Ares Picture

And while she turned her luminous eyes away,
Aphrodite came up and led him off by hand,
Groaning heavily. He was barely conscious.
Ivory-armed Hera took notice of this,
And her words took wing to Pallas Athena:

“Mystic daughter Zeus, that bloated tick
Is leading Ares out of battle. Get on her!”

Athena was only too glad to comply,
Charging Aphrodite and punching her
In the breast with her clenched fist. Aphrodite
Collapsed in a heap, taking Ares down with her.
(Iliad, Homer. Book 21 lines 427 through 437.)

I took a Classical Mythology course this semester in which we read the Iliad, and part of our final was a visual arts project.
This is Aphrodite, Athena and Ares (or Venus, Minerva and Mars if you prefer Roman names.)

Since I've been busy this semester I did this rather quickly and I'm aware there are a few messy areas/mistakes;
I also took some creative liberty when drawing, so the characters are stylized by my personal choice, though I made an effort to keep true to their common features.

I personally don't feel that this drawing needs a mature content filter because the nudity is covered and the blood is not very graphic, but if it becomes a problem I will filter it.
Tools: Easy Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Tablet, PS CS6 for watermark
Don't use this in any way without permission. I don't own the written material or characters of the Iliad.

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