TMNT_Venus, the Psychic Girl Picture

Changing up characters for a new version of their setting can be either simple or tricky. However, with Venus, it was rather difficult at first to change up my revision of Venus for the 2012 TMNT animated series. Revising Venus for the 2k3 series proved fairly easy in certain ways, the series was a mix of sci-fi and fantasy allowing for Venus to have her mystical abilities. Additionally, you had the aspect of Master Splinter having a lot of secrets about his past which he never shared with the turtles, making it possible to add in Venus as a sister to the turtles. However, with the newer series it wasn't as easy. The newer series was very grounded in science fiction with the aspect of the Kraang being a prominent threat and the mutagen being a recurring plot device for the creation of new characters. I was unsure how to do Venus until I came upon the aspect in the series that would prove to help me. The 2012 series has had recurring involvement of characters with psychic abilities; Dr. Rockwell was mutated into an empathic monkey, Dr. Falco aka the Rat King became a psychic with abilities to dominate minds, and finally April showed to have psychic powers thanks to being a Kraang-Human Hybrid. This psychic connection in the series led to me deciding to make my 2k12 version of Venus a psychic but being a little more than that. I made her character combine characteristics of her original self and from Mona Lisa.

This version of Venus was once a human girl by the name of Mei Nakamura, a half-japanese student at Midtown High in New York City. A slightly above average student, Mei applied for an internship at Columbia University with Professor Mateus Campbell. Prof. Campbell was studying Psychic Phenomenon and Mei proved to be great assistant and volunteer test subject since she proved to have some low level psychic abilities. However, Mei and Prof. Campbell became targets of the Kraang who kidnapped the both of them. They began using Campbell's research and their technology to enhance Mei's psychic abilities in painful ways. After almost two months, Mei managed to escape from the Kraang but in her escape, she was dosed in mutagen and came into contact with a turtle lab animal. This led to Mei escaping onto the streets but found no home to go to in her current state until she was found by the Turtles and April. Mei joined with them in the hopes of finding a way of restoring herself to normal and get revenge against the Kraang. Thanks to Mikey watching a documentary on Roman History and Mythology that April was studying for class, He nicknamed her Venus since he though she was pretty in her turtle form. Taking the moniker, Venus now trains with Master Splinter and the Turtles in their endeavors. Venus has additionally found ways of coping with her current state as she reads books brought to her thanks to April, she being an avid reader of various literature especially fantasy fiction.

This pic is also the first to involve a mixed media style I may use later with sketches I did in my sketchbook. You will probably see more of these kinds of pictures later. Please Enjoy.

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