Will you play our game? // Mars and Venus. Picture

Woot, you guys, I am on a roll with this idea. This will probably be the last 'example' I put up since I want to start maybe writing journals about how it all happened and what not so yeah, and maybe work on starting the group I have in mind for this. But anyway, here for go for the clans of Mars and Venus.

Mars // Passionate. Masculine. Heated. Agression. Goal Orinieted. /
/ A clan of warriors, made up of mostly males, these are stallions who have never found their way into the real world because at a young age they were brought up by their father's to live a military life style. This clan is mostly made up of males mostly for the fact that before the "Great End" and even several years after the "New Beginnings" most stallions still had the that it was their jobs to protect their mates and their foals, and that it was up to them to keep the tradition going. Now, along with her roles as 'proteectors' they also have allowed young bachelor's a palce to stay within their herd; during this time the young stallion is given 10 years max to find a mare to call his own before he is recurited into the war horse ranks. If he is able to find a mate within that time; he is given the chance to chose with clan to go into, along with his mate or he may stay within the Mars' while his mare goes off to a safer home. Along with this, they have began to allow some mares into this ranking.

Venus // Love. Inspiration. Aesthictics. Desire. Passion. Unification of Opposites. // A clan of maidens, made to keep the peace between the Mars clan and the rest of the clans. These are typically the most beautiful out of all mares and they have always lived up to their expectations of being mares to die for. This clan, like the Mars Clan, allows young mares to come into the ranks for training on how to have proper ettiqute and how to be 'lady-like', although, unlike the warrior clan of Mars, after 10 years the mare is allowed to leave to join a clan (with or without a mate) and some get to stay within the ranks, depending on how well that they have developed since coming to the "lady' clan for training. Mares of this clan are always adoned with the colors red and green, sometimes in the same pattern to show their unification with the warrior clan of Mars.

*These two clans, unlike others, share a strong bond together.*


I had to put in bold that the two clans are close cause if I remember correctly in Greek mythology that Venus keeps Mars calm and all of that stuff so yep. I really love the mare and her colors but once again don't like the stallion to much so he'll probably go up for adoption some time in the future so yeah.

Drawing,ideas and designs (c) me.
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