Women are from Venus? Picture

The planet Venus is the victim of a runaway version of the greenhouse effect: the atmosphere is almost entirely carbon dioxide, with the temperature and atmospheric pressure though the roof. Venus also has active volcanoes, and fast-moving clouds of sulphuric acid scuttle through its upper atmosphere.

So... women are inhospitable, suffocating and pressurising, with an acid tongue and a volcanic temper. Still, at least they're hot
No offence intended to any of my female viewers, I'm sure none of you are like that (unless of course you want to be
A further re-use of the Holonet "doll" (as before, it took me long enough to make, I may as well get some extra use out of it), this is mostly a recolour I'm afraid. Redoing the mouth into a snarl was quite tricky: I'm hopeless at lips, so I ended up taking a photo of my own face doing a snarl, and tracing them. They're still a bit iffy, really. The background (in the latest version) was done by Terragen.

You know, I think there's a series in here. Planetary mythology, but brought up to date with modern planetary facts. Mercury wouldn't be too tricky, given I've only just submitted a picture of a woman made from it - a few minor adaptations should do the trick there. And I already have ideas for the others...
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