.Gods I - Mars Venus Neptune. Picture

inspired by Gustav Holst's 'The Planets'

i'm really into mythology, especially the Roman Gods. i wanted to do a picture kinda depicting how i thought
they looked. i originally wanted to do Jupiter instead of Neptune, one because he's cooler, and two because
the song is better. but one thing that made it harder on me was that i pictured Jupiter to be a girl because they're
the Bringer of Jollity. but Jupiter is actually an old crusty man (Zeus in Greek mythology), and i don't draw old men -.-
so instead of Jupiter being the girl I changed it to Venus. then did Neptune because he's just as cool XD

for any of you Greek mythology people out there, you'll notice that i not only did the Roman Gods, but dropped in
a few little hints of Greek symbolism with them ^^ ZomgSUBLIMINALMESSAGESlykewtf. i'll give you a cookie if you
can point them out, but no cheating.

Jupiter and Mars are definitely my favorite out of the 7 songs (only 7 on the CD since Uranus and Pluto weren't discovered while
Holst was still alive x_X). 'Mars the Bringer of War' was what inspired John Williams' Imperial March in Star Wars for all you
movie fans. so give credit where credit is due losers.

from left to right:

+Mars, the Bringer of War / Ares
+ Venus, the Bringer of Peace / Aphrodite
+ Neptune, the Mystic / Poseidon

brushes from image (c) moi, so NO STEALING

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