Aphrodite Venus Picture

NAME: Aphrodite Venus
AGE: Physically 29 (is actually 1335 years old)

GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: February 13th
OCCUPATION: Nurse, Mother
SPECIES: Demihuman (A "human" with a much longer lifespan than any normal being and/or possesses magical powers)
HEIGHT: 5'04"
WEIGHT: Private

LIKES: Tiamat City, her daughters, her son, Xevres, nice people, medical supplies, healing magic, seashells, doves, being alone in her home (nude)
DISLIKES: Her ex-husband, people messing with her children, operas, her son's death, horror movies, mean people, wearing a bra, Dethh Knals
PERSONALITY: She's an extremely passionate and loving person who's bound to make almost anyone within her field of vision smile. She's that one person who'll say hello to you and, if you look like you're having a bad day, invite you over for dinner. From past experiences, Aphrodite has grown a strong sense of wisdom; and she's Xevres's best friend who promises to keep his dark secrets and be there for him when times are tough. Sadly, she suffers from depression due to the death of her son and her previous marriage with the man who took part in making her children come to be.

BIO: Aphy was born from King Zeus and one of his wives in Olympus City alongside her younger sister named Iris. She wasn't like the other princesses, who were most likely snobby and spoiled so much it wasn't even funny...she was actually the nicest person around and did her best to help the peasants the best she can using her knowledge of healing magic and/or her huge amounts of optimism and kindness. However, her first step into depression occurred when Iris disappeared without a single trace.

However, most of her optimism was shattered when her kingdom was destroyed by King Hades and his army. Even though Olympus City was allied to Tiamat City, which was a powerful, yet developing society at the time, its destruction was inevitable. After O.C's destruction, Aphrodite was found by young Xevres, who was in his (somewhat) teen years and saved her from death by killing King Hades! Afterward, Aphrodite moved into Tiamat City and did her best to help it develop into the strongest city on the entire planet!

One day, she met a fellow Russian tourist (named Isay), married him and bore a son named Ambrosii! But, their relationship was absolutely miserable since Isay only liked her features rather than her personality and only wanted sons (when Aphy gave birth to Helen and Lilly, he believed it was HER fault, punished her for it, and wanted to kill the daughters. Though, she stood up and divorced him. When Xevres found out, he had him charged for abuse. But by the time he was committed of the crime, he disappeared without a trace.

After the divorce, Aphrodite dated with quite a few people to find a man or woman who would be willing to be in a relationship with her. Though, she doesn't have much luck...

When the War came, Ambrosii was sent off to battle and came home in a coffin, really shattering Aphrodite's heart, causing depression; she attempted suicide three times and was stopped by either her children or medical treatment. Good thing she's taking medication!

To this day, she's trying to find someone to love while dealing with her depression and taking care of her two daughters as a single mother...

STRENGTHS/ABILITIES: Aphrodite is a master at using all kinds of healing magic. She also has excellent problem solving skills and knows all types of diseases and viruses. However, her greatest ability isn't really an ability at all; it's her compassion; she is so nice, some question whether or not they even deserve it. She's willing to take the most miserable person she finds and cook them the greatest dinner they've ever had.

WEAKNESSES: ...she's a pacifist, and, like I mention twice (now THRICE), she suffers from depression. Her crazily large bust makes it harder for her to hide or perform only a few daily tasks, like laying on her belly, giving hugs without giving the person who's being hugged a free boob press, holding larger objects in front of her, and fitting through tight spaces.

-Aphrodite is the goddess of love in Greek mythology.
-Venus is Aphrodite's Roman name.
- Here's a "fun" fact; Aphy got her large breasts after a potion accident when she accidentally put an extra ingredient to a healing potion, expanding her bust size to what you see today. This also explains why she doesn't wear bras; there are practically none that fit her.

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