The Tears of Venus (Kunzite X Minako) Picture

I cried very sad for ACT12. Why fate so cruel to them? I saw Minako efforts trying to get Kunzite to remember her tireless. I'm glad to see she's glad he recognized her in the end. But ultimately they separated forever. They could not hug or show love each other anymore. I saw her cry, I wanted to hug her and wants to revive her chores.

It's like in Greek mythology,When Venus, Goddess of Love. She crying over Adonis's death. Her tears like pearls in the sea.

Why is the writer and director to be cruel to them at this time. The love story with Sailormoon and Tuxedo kaman is more than enough to present to the old version. I like to have the time of Inner senshi & Shitennou loves more for version crystal. Anyway, I will continue to watch Shitennou at the end of the ACT13. Before they are gone farewell.
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