Venus Picture

She's the Greek Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and beauty.
I guess that's why women are "from Venus" and men are "from Mars".

I got distracted from my painting. I just couldn't get this from my head since doing that photoshoot. I always wanted to be a Goddess.... I couldn't have picked a better one. (There was alot of blending done on this one [I finally figured out what I'm missing from manips] so just have to trust me on some of these stocks.)

Venus (Goddess): ~AppleStock (but pic is me) [link]
Venus (Planet): *LadyEdanaStock [link]
Grass: *LadyEdanaStock [link]
Bushes: =elisafox-stock [link]

Helpful Tutorials:
*jocarra [link]
~zebravissimo [link]
=Barbiedoll [link]
and IMing *Elvandia
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