Venus National Flags WIP Picture

I've been working very hard the past 3 days, trying to be creative again. I think I'm doing pretty well. This is part of my Venusian map project where I plan on actually giving names and identities to all the political entities. In the past I've cast aside old Earth identities when making my flags and focused solely on creating a design that reflects the mythology of the name origin. This time I wanted to make something practical like actual earth nations making colonies.

Some of these are cheap like the New Mexico copy or the South Korean ones but I actually did a lot of work on these. A few made me smile after I finished them. The first Japanese flag was a simple copy paste of "Morning Star" kanji pasted on the Japanese flag. The second version I tried hard to emulate Prefecture flags and redesigned the Kanji. I still have twice as many flags hidden and unfinished.

This is only a WIP posting and I hope to get some constructive comments. No labels as of yet. Can you find Ishtar and Bell Regio?
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