Nymphs Picture

Myths and Legends - Calendar 2017
- Collaboration with Italian models and photographers -

Myths and Legends: Nymphs
A nymph in Greek and Latin mythology is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis. They are beloved by many and dwell in mountainous regions and forests by lakes and streams. Although they would never die of old age nor illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god, they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms.

Model: Cristina Elanor Biella, Elanor ~ Soul of Creativity ~[not stock!], DanielleFiore and Juliet Model [not stock!]
Photographer: Claudio d'Avorio, LeLePhotography, FannyPhAndArt