Phanes - Primeval God Picture

Phanes - Primeval God of Procreation
God of the Gods, born from his own personal cosmic egg around the same time as Gaia and Uranus were born from the universe. Phanes would stay in a cave with Nyx and from time to time with Rhea who would beat on her drum to help guide spirits.
Technically he'd be older than time itself since Kronos is the God of Time (Father Time), Phanes would work side by side with other Primeval Gods in order to create the planet Earth as the humans call it. When the humans started to worship the Gods, they had their own ritual dances for each, one was called the Mole Dance for Phanes to represent the rising and setting of the sun (which Phanes is also known for being the "Sun God" of the group - the Ra of the Primevals if you will), they would do it every beginning and ending of the week.

However, after centuries of worshiping the Primeval Gods and Goddesses, humans started creating deities unconsciously, so Chaos started kill each deity in order to preserve the right way of life with the Gods and Goddesses, however, Chaos got arrogant and began to attack the other Gods and Goddesses, he defeated Thanatos in battle but didn't successfully kill him. Thanatos remained in some sort of limbo, which turned into Tartarus. Chaos then targeted Nyx, upon charging toward her, Phanes intercepted his initial attack and the infamous battle between Phanes and Chaos erupted.

It took place for several decades, constantly fighting in the Earth's atmosphere, then Phanes eventually emerged victorious. A few decades later, he created the birds. Phanes is known for his helmet, his golden wings, the serpent like ribbon-sash, and his sceptre. Some say he passed on his sceptre through generations of Gods/Goddesses, some say that Zeus devoured him, but not one human can be sure of this.
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