Old gift for my boyfriend, two :D Picture

Yerp another outdated image I have failed to post on my old account and so I am posting here now. Some of the color didn't turn out the way I wanted to cuz uk, yellah paper will do that to them. Like that tree thar, was supposed to be blu. And the tiny planet back thar, also supposed to be very blue.

But seriously, onto using real words that aren't yellah and blu and thar. The planets come into the picture from this little thing me and some of my friends did where we picked planets for people based on (I think it was geek?) mythology and how they fit us. So Raijin's was Juipiter, and mine was neptune.

The others were as follows, Mars - Kirra (no DA), Venus - HopeOfTheLily, Mercury - EclipsedEden, Saturn - MyouBade (ironically he had a character based off of one of Saturn's moons before.), and because nobody wanted to be Uranus or Earth, KaitiMarie got pluto.

Anywayish, this is for TheBlondeReaper

And I think I did this with blick markers sometimes between the end of sophomore year in highschool till the beginning of junior year. Which just ended. Yay! But yeah, somewhere in that time frame but I don't really know.
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