Sailor Seastar Picture

So I've watched Sailor Moon since I was young, but as much awe I was in, I wasn't able to watch it in full until much later when youtube had the episodes. And then I discovered JapDub/EngSubs and never looked back - especially since that was the only way to watch Sailor Stars. When I was younger, I liked anyone but Sailor Moon herself - she IS a crybaby, a clutz, she has serious selfish tendencies, and for a long time in the series she doesn't really make you think 'leader'.

But as I got older, and matured myself, I started to see her for the person she was, and grew into, and found I could appreciate her more. While she's still not my favourite scout (Uranus X Neptune forever!), I do adore her and respect the huge obstacles she finds in her way.

Which brings me to...nearly twenty years later, really. Since joining DeviantArt a near decade ago I've seen several people creating their own Sailor Senshi, and always thought they were so cool and creative! So finally, fiiiinally, I created mine.
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