Sailor Princesses of the 30th Century Picture

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I believe Sailor Cosmos is Sailor moon from the 30th Century (we never see them transform in that Century)

These are the dresses of the princesses of this time period,I do hope you enjoy them.

I gave each one a different look based on things i knew on the planets as well as their personalities,
Sailor moon has a gold inspired rather then silver because of his husband having the gold seed. She still has the silver crystal on her dress along with the gems that first turned her into her true identity.
Feathers are her skirt because of her wings in her transformations. Her Crown is "Crystal Tokyo" and her tiara from her younger days.
Sailor Mars is showing more because she is the fire symbol. She has a dragon scale tight skirt because of her personality. Her crown is a long barrette with fiery colors.If you look close she has a red dragon on he corset skirt.
Sailor Mercury has lace gloves and flats and a long ruffled dress because she is smart and elegant and a bit delicate, like lace and ruffles. The Grey "pain splashes" are the color of mercury. Her crown is a simple headband with a thick stringing of pearls across her forehead. She aslo has a slight bubbly texture to her dress.
Sailor Jupiter has a short long thunderbolt dress with the Jupiter symbol "4" in light pink at the end of her border ribbons. Her crown is he Ponytail band that is covered in flowery lace. Her main bolt is yellow with smaller ones running all over her dress.
Sailor Venus is a modern Aphrodite in my eyes with the Greek Mythology style crown and dress. He dress is made of stiff and silky fur.
Sailor Uranus is in a dress of my creation, easy to fight in while still being the older mature woman she is, her eyes patch is a symbol of the wars she has been through and wears it instead of a crown. He dress is a dress of the galaxy since she has fought in so many wars.
Sailor Neptune is in a Victorian style dress with pears in her hair a symbol of he womanly femininity. Her patter displays her elegance.
Sailor Saturn is wearing a Quinceanera style dress with each layer representing rings of Saturn. He Crown is a Silver hair clamp. He fun floral print top adds a touch of youth.
Sailor Pluto is wearing a dress of my creation, a short dress with long flowly fabric in the middle in the back and front gives me a roman feel with her gladiator saddles. The red "Ropes" on her dress are the ropes that tie time together. Her crown is the emperor style hate that covers her bun.
Sailor Chibi moon is very pink with her church style dress, showing her innocence of childhood. On her skirt she has a slight flowery pattern showing childhood.
The symbol in the background is the light source as wells as sailor cosmos staff.

More details to come tomorrow.
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