Teen Titans East Picture

with Batman taking in Robin and other leaguers taking on prot?g? of their own. Superman a member of the Legion of Superheroes in his youth believes it a good idea to mentor these kids

top down left to right

Wonder girl
Donna Troy is Wonder woman as a child from another universe. her powers gifted from the Titans of Greek mythology. what very little Donna remembers he world died. she joins the Titans to have powerful allies to defend her new home against what destroyed her Earth

Atlantians have a totally different skin tone similar to that of Abe Saipan of Hellboy. Garth isn't exactly thrilled to be on the surface world and is slightly terrified. he has magical abilities training to be the high priest of Atlantis

the vengeful spirit of Dick Grayson. after the death of his parents Dick is "killed" by the GCPD to cover up their murder in truth Batman faked it and took the boy in making him his partner. to the outside world he is now John Blake attending Gotham academy. embedded in his cape are feather darts. going for a mesh of Robin and disco collar Nightwing

Kid Flash
if it's not broke why fix it? I add shoulder lightning but kept the costume the same. Wally like his Uncle Barry was gifted with super powers. he doesn't use his abilities to their full extent only enough to avoid his tachyon particles from sending him flying through time and multiverse. he sees being a super hero as an excuse to get girls
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