Shocky Enthusia Fast Foward D Heroes Part 3 Picture

Story: Shocky and his gang still time travelling around the world but encountered some Shining characters in Medieval world where Shocky & his gang must fight evil by training to be the Shining Knights along with the old Shining series from the previous video games who wanted to join the fight for the new Shining games in order to take on the situation. In the pirates saga Shocky and his gang are trying to take on the infamous black beard while he met the 4 from Skies of Arcadia for them to take on the bad pirates for them. In the future he met some other characters like the two ninjas from Shinobi in order to take out an industrialist and aliens for the battle. In Romans Greek Mythology Shocky and his gang must confront Montora along with the Golden Axe,300 Spartans,Altered Beast & Troy in order to defeat Montora and the other monsters from taking over the Greek and the Universe in order to start the new world.

Here are my favourite characters from the classic games movies to modern day games movies that I put in are:
Shining series
Skies of Arcadia
Golden Axe
Shinobi & Nightshade
Altered Beast

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