Graveside Picture

This is a photo manip I came up with for a site I made awhile ago called If I Could Turn Back Time. It is a Percy Jackson/Troy site set as a slight AU during the time of the war with the titans. The heroes from Greek Mythology (mostly Troy) were brought back from the Underworld to help the demigods in the battle. My character, Isabella Quinn, a daughter of Zeus, went to the Underworld to ask Hades for the love of her life back. Instead, she was assigned Patroclus to have him train her for the war. Bella was NOT happy about this decision, but she eventually warmed up to him. In this picture, it was a scene that I had planned with the person who played Patroclus where the two of them went to Bella's hometown to visit her family and she went to Marcus's gravesite. We never got to this thread, but it was still something I was excited to play out.
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