Mike Glenn Picture

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Biographical Information

Full Name - Mike Jackson Glenn
Meaning -
Set Age - 18
Certified Birthdate - April 27th
Astrological Sign - Taurus
Gender - Male
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Big Mike (We all know why)


Distant Descendants :

Dominant Descendants : African American

Physical Description

Hair Color - Dark Brown
Eye Color - Dark Brown
Weight – 340 lb
Height - 6'9
Typical Clothing Wear :

Figure/Build - Muscular and Fit

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – None

Tattoos: Tribal band on his left arm
Piercings: Belly Piercing
Frequently Worn Jewelry: None

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Boys' Dorms
Originated from - Stilwater, US
Traveled Territories - Various east coast states
Hobbies - Extreme Workouts, Free-running, Scrimmage games
Fears – Depression, Losing control of a situation

Religion/Beliefs – Christianity (Baptist)

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues –
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other]

Any regular medication taken? –

Chronological Information

Profession - Footballer / Wrestler
Likes - Working Out, his teammates,
Dislikes - Fatigue, Scaring little children
Goals/Ambitions – Football Star

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience -
Story behind experience:

Weapons/Equipments - Fist

Personal Attributes

Personality -

Strengths -
Weaknesses -
Good Habits -
Bad Habits -
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors -
Stereotype -
As you know them better(and you like them) :Cheerful, Iron-Handed, Assertive
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Loud, Bossy, Aggressive

Reasoning: Many people think of Mike as an extremely aggressive person but he's just very assertive while he's also a cheerful guy sometimes and students think he's downright loud, He also tries to stay on top of everything but comes off as bossy

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 10/10
A person of his size is not to be messed with
Attractive : 8/10
[explanation here]
Honesty : 5/10
[explanation here]
Rule Abiding : 6/10
[explanation here]
Sociability : 7/10
[explanation here]

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Parents enrolled him and his siblings
Clique - Jocks
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - Follower, usually told he deserves to be leader.
Room Number – 12
Roommate(s)- Damon, Casey, Luis
Favorite Subject(s) – P.E.
Least Favorite Subject(s) –
Favorite Teacher –
Least Favorite Teacher –


Language(s) – Modern English
Schooling Level - Senior
Expertise –
Chemistry - Lowest
Math - Midst
English - Highest
Geography - Highest
Politics/Law - Lowest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Midst
Shop - Midst
Botany/Biology - Midst
Mythology - Midst
Art - Highest
Photography - Highest
Physical Education - Highest
Reading Level - College Reading Level

Overall Intelligence Level(s) - Bodily kinesthetic

In theory, people who have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence often learn best by doing something physically, rather than by reading or hearing about it. Those with strong bodily-kinesthetic intelligence seem to use what might be termed muscle memory – they remember things through their body such as verbal memory.

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) –
Friend(s) -

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies –
Intolerable Students -

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students -
Tolerated Townsfolk -

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions -
Crush(es) -
Lover(s) -
Ex(s) -

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Steak
Favorite Drink(s): Orange Gatorade
Disliked Food(s): Extremely fatty foods
Disliked Drink(s): White Wine

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) -
Scent –
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Animal: Bull
Favorite Music Genre: HipHop/ Rap

Most Memorable Quote –

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around –
- "I should hit the gym"
- "One more person says I'm on steroids..."
- "Can't wait for the next game"
When the fire alarm goes off –

Good Terms:
Bad Terms:

Saying goodbye –
Good Terms:
- "See ya"
- "Don't forget to come to the next game"
- "See you around
Bad Terms:
-"I'm already late to class"
-"Wow... very.. interesting??"
- (silence followed by eye roll)
- "That was.. boring"

When Flirted With –
Good Terms:
- "They don't call me Big Mike for nothin~"
- "If you think I'm big you should see my *whistles*"
- "I'll take nice care of you baby~"
- "I'll wrestle with you in bed anyday~"
Bad Terms:
- "Not a chance"
- "You're barking up the wrong tree buddy"
- "Oh god no"
- "You see there is a line and you can't cross it"

Watching a fight –

Attacking –

While Fighting –

Chasing someone –

Out of breath –

When hidden from –

Kneed in the groin –
"Oo-oo not the balls!"
Knocked out –

Stink bomb explodes –
-"It smells like the locker room ugh..."

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)
(if you already listed a character below in the friends, enemies, or acquaintances section don't forget to take them off this list please, we don't want you repeating the relationship over again)


Davis White:
Ethan Robinson:
Russell Northrop:
Tom Gurney:
Trent Northwick:
Troy Miller:
Wade Martin:


Hal Esposito:
Johnny Vincent:
Lefty Mancini:
Lola Lombardi:
Lucky De Luca:
Norton Williams:
Peanut Romano:
Ricky Pucino:
Vance Medici:


Bo Jackson:
Casey Harris:
Damon West: "I honestly think he's out for me...."
Dan Wilson:
Juri Karamazov:
Kirby Olsen:
Luis Luna:
Mandy Wiles: "She isn't attractive to me... kinda a skaaank but don't say anything"
Ted Thompson: "Oh... Mr. Football Star but look who has to carry the team through all the games"


Algernon Papadopoulos: "Piss Pants?! What a joke!"
Beatrice Trudeau: "Keep that cold sore away from me"
Bucky Pasteur:
Corneilus Johnson:
Donald Anderson:
Earnest Jones:
Fatty Johnson:
Melvin O'Connor:
Thad Carlson:


Angie Ng:
Christy Martin:
Constantinos Brakus:
Eunice Pound:
Gary Smith:
Gloria Jackson:
Gordon Wakefield:
Ivan Alexander:
Jimmy Hopkins:
Karen Johnson:
Lance Jackson:
Melody Adams:
Pedro De La Hoya:
Pete Kowalski:
Ray Hughes:
Sheldon Thompson:
Trevor Moore:


Bif Taylor:
Bryce Montrose:
Chad Morris:
Derby Harrington:
Gord Vendome:
Justin Vandervelde:
Parker Ogilvie:
Pinky Gauthier:
Tad Spencer:

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Danvers:
Miss Peters:
Mr. Burton: (delete if your original character entered Bullworth after Jimmy's final take over)
Mr. Galloway:
Mr. Hattrick: (delete if your original character entered Bullworth after Jimmy's final take over)
Mr. Luntz:
Mr. Matthews:
Mr. Wiggins:
Mrs. Carvin:
Mrs. MacRae:
Mrs Peabody:
Ms. Phillips:

Prefects –

Edward Seymour II:
Karl Branting:
Max MacTavish:
Seth Kolbe:

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth – (in alphabetical order)


Clint (aka Henry):
Edgar Munsen:
Omar Romero:
Otto Tyler:
Zoe Taylor: (Zoe is allowed to be moved because it's unsure whether she might be a Townie still or a Bully due to her uniform choice when she is re-enrolled.)

Residents in the city of Bullworth –
Bethany Jones:
Dr. Bambillo:
Miss Abby:
Mr. Brekindale:
Mr. Buckingham:
Mr. Castillo:
Mr. Doolin:
Mr. Huntingdon:
Mr. Johnson:
Mr. Martin:
Mr. Ramirez:
Mr. Salvatore:
Mr. Smith:
Mr. Sullivan:
Ms. Rushinski
Mrs. Lisburn:
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