Aeneas Ref .1 Picture

OMG, new character?
Unlike Maleena's public transformation, Aeneas has been changing behind the scenes. I've had such trouble getting his charismatic, yet trustworthy looks right.

He is named after a Trojan leader, son of Anchises and Aphrodite, and legendary ancestor of the Romans. (When Troy fell to the Greeks he escaped and after wandering for many years eventually reached Italy. The story of his voyage is recounted in Virgil's Aeneid.)

*cough* classical lesson over~ We studied the Aeneid in school.

He now gets his own reference sheet. I suck at drawing backs and the backs of arms. I know ;^;

I would divulge more into what role he plays, but he's a main character, and it would take a long time.
He's Maleena's older brother, and a good guy, depending on where I start the story he may be a leader of their clan/tribe/whatever. Who knows? There is no script.

PS, he's wearing a sheet because I am not inspired enough to design clothes at the moment. >>

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