TNT: Death Killer Picture

Okay, normally I'd only say a few words about a piece, you know, the bare minimum. Again, that's NORMALLY. For a NORMAL picture. Well, this...this is anything but normal.
Why? Because I can safely say that I have spent more time on this one piece than any other drawing I've ever done.
Congratulations! You are looking at the culmination of over 11 years of honing my skills.

This is a cause for celebration!

So, if you look at my gallery, you might see the inks of the character you see here. I first did that drawing in pencil during a math class (either draw or go to sleep, pic one) using a 0.5mm pencil. Later, I fine-tuned the line work with a 0.3mm pencil, then finally inked it with various sizes of Micron felt pens.
That was pretty much it for the traditional media, aside from some editing I was having trouble doing with a pen tablet.
The background was a many-staged project. I originally intended for it to look like he had just jumped out of an office building window. I ran out of time, so it looks like he's just flying through the city here. The background took MUCH longer than finishing the main character. Ironic considering he's the MAIN character.
Who is this main character? I'm glad you asked.
His name's Tobias Nathaniel Troy, a.k.a. "TNT". After a tragic accident that killed all of his friends, high school senior TNT's only chance to forgive himself for living while they died is to avenge their deaths. But they died in an accident, so how do you avenge a death of natural causes?
Easy, you just kill the thing that killed them.
Thus, TNT sets out to kill the spirit of death itself: the Grim Reaper.
TNT travels across the world and by any means necessary looks for information on summoning the Grim Reaper (no, I'm not a Satanist) so that he can face it in combat.
Here's the cool part: TNT was so traumatized by his friends' deaths that his very soul quits. In the mythology of the story, your soul is what regulates your physical and mental abilities. Ever hear the myth that humans only use 12% of their brain and 10% of their muscle capacity? Since TNT's regulator quit, he's using 100% of his body's potential. Put simply: he's really strong and really smart.
While his mind and body operate at superhuman levels, his mental condition is all but unstable. The story is about his battles, not with the enemies he makes, but with the mental obstacles that present themselves along his quest.
It's 8:16am. I started working on this at 10pm last night.
I'm gonna get some sleep. More on this later.
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