Kelsey Reference Sheet Picture

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Kelsey Sharon Glenn [Kel-si] [Gl-inn]
Set Age - 16
Certified Birthdate - September 15
Astrological Sign - Libra
Chinese Zodiac - Rat
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Kels- Used by friends and her brothers
Chica - Used by Alina


Distant Descendants : Caucasian

Dominant Descendants : African American

Family Ties

Phil McDonald: The three siblings father who took care of them after he got out of prison from a deadly boat explosion, the three looked up to him ever since. He has a lot of money now and shares it amongst the three

Amanda Glenn: Their mother who helped the school with money problems and supported them in their most troublesome times, but she only been able too see her children through video chats and phone calls due to the mass amount of work she has.

Mike Glenn: Mike stands up for Kelsey and can basically get anyone to do anything for him, But Mike is always there for her and he often helps her with her training.

Aaron Glenn: Kelsey goes to Aaron when she needs help with video games, music advice, and relationship advice. Aaron has had his fair share of dudes at Bullworth but he stays committed but the guys dump him for a better offer, he met this one guy name Murphy who he loves to death.

Physical Description

Hair Color - Dark Brown
Eye Color - Emerald Green
Weight – 126
Height - 5'7
Typical Clothing Wear
Summer/Spring School: The usual girl's non clique outfit
Piercings: Earrings
Frequently Worn Jewelry
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