Aaron Glenn Picture

Biographical Information

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Aaron Carson Glenn
Meaning - Aaron means exalted Carson son of swamp Glenn means valley
Set Age - 17
Certified Birthdate March 13th
Astrological Sign - Pisces
Chinese Zodiac - Ox
Gender - Male
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Musicman--> got them from his older brother Mike who calls him that when they are joking

Distant Descendants : Caucasian

Dominant Descendants : African American

Physical Description

Hair Color - Dark strawberry blonde
Eye Color - Hazel
Weight – bout 135
Height - 5'8
Typical Clothing Wear :
Summer and Spring: Bullworth Polo that is unbuttoned at the top over a green T shirt with navy blue pants and red converse along with his usual white earphones.

Fall and Winter: He wears a green hoodie and the same pants he also have dark red gloves and the earphones, He wears black boots.

Formal: Sports a black tuxedo with black dress shoes with a brown lining and white tie

Swimwear: Grey swim trunks with a bright red lining

Halloween: He dresses up as a DJ, making his love for music more obvious

Figure/Build -He has an average build 4 pack abs .3.

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – He has a scar on the back of his leg

Explain: Well he was still living in Stilwater and he fell onto his mother's glass table and cut the back of his leg

Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Frequently Worn Jewelry: He wears a platinum watch

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Boy's dorm
Originated from - Stilwater
Traveled Territories - Bullworth, Stilwater, other U.S. states
Hobbies - Listening to music, playing video games
Fears – Being alone, making his brother angry

Religion/Beliefs – Christian (Baptist)

Why?: Born being one

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – No
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other] : Everyone once in a while he takes a puff of a cigarette but he's not addicted to it.
Why?: He does it when he gets stressed

Any regular medication taken? – No

Chronological Information

Profession - Stocks shelves and manages the cash register at a local music store
Likes - Music, Gaming, reading, fighing
Dislikes - Dumbasses, Greasers, anyone who disrespects him, his friends or family
Goals/Ambitions – Own a club and be a DJ

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience - Being born in a gang filled city
Story behind experience: Well him and his family was born a violent city that had a long history of gang violence and really watched his back most of the time

Weapons/Equipments - Baseball bat, flashlight on his smartphone to help temporarily blind his enemies, marbls, and his fists
Personal Attributes

Personality -

Pros- Reliable, Respectful, Responsible, Tactical, Laid-Back, Trustworthy, Ambitious

Cons- Crazy, Rude, Uncontrollable, Rich Snob, Ignorant, Arrogant, Dumb, Impatient , Liar
Strengths -

- He is able to help people out even in the most hardest of situations

- Even though he may look like a mean guy he is actually really nice and helpful

- He doesn't hesitate to fight his way out of the littles situations
Weaknesses -

- The crazy amounts of stress and anger makes him become furious to all people no matter who it is

- He yells at teachers when he doesn't get his earphones back at the end of class

- The most childish words can tick him off
Good Habits - Jokes around in the perfect situations
Bad Habits - Stays up gaming all night, Zones out during class
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - He pulls his own hair when he is getting mad or aggravated which causes it to fall out in extreme cases of stress.
As you know them better(and you like them) : Awesome, Cool, Reliable
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Disrespectful, Slob, Plain aggravating

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 7/10
He isnt as strong as his brother but he can throw a mean punch
Attractive : 8/10
He usually gets a lot of attention from the girls but is only commited to the one he is currently dating
Honesty : 4/10
Aaron lies his way out of most situations if lying doesn't work he fights
Rule Abiding : 4/10
Aaron doesn't really bother to follow the rules he thinks they're stupid
Sociability : 6/10
He talks just enough to get by but often listens to music

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: He was set up in the school by his mother
Clique - Bullies
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - Second in command
Room Number – 5
Roommate(s)- Mike Glenn, Gary Smith, Johnny Vincent
Favorite Subject(s) – Music
Why?:He loves making music, he loves it when he's on drums
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Shop
Why?: He often gets picked on in the class by the other greasers but he actually knows how to fix bikes from previous experiences
Favorite Teacher – Miss Peters
Why?: She really understands Aaron's passion for music
Least Favorite Teacher – Neil
Why?: He sits their and lets his students pick on him he also laughs along most of the time


Language(s) – Modern English
Schooling Level - Junior
Expertise – Music- Modern Music
Chemistry - Midst
Math - Midst
English - Highest
Geography - Highest
Politics/Law - Lowest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Highest
Shop - Midst
Botany/Biology - Lowest
Mythology - Midst
Art - Highest
Photography - Highest
Reading Level - Above Average

Overall Intelligence Level(s) - Bodily kinesthetic

(delete the ones that don't apply to your character, please)
(pick just one to two levels and research them don't just pick it because it sounds right)

Intrapersonal , Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Linguistic, Bodily kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Naturalistic, and Existential.

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – His brother and sister
Friend(s) - Ethan Robinson, Russell Northrop, Gloria Jackson, Luis Luna, Parker Ogilvie, Pinky Gauthier, Chad Morris, Karen Johnson, Pedro De La Hoya"

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – Johnny Vincent
Intolerable Students - Gary Smith, all other greasers

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students - Juri Karamazov, Davis White
Tolerated Townsfolk - Miss Kopke,

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions - Antonia Mcbride
Crush(es) - No one
Lover(s) - Angie
Ex(s) - Pinky

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Spaghetti and meatsauce
Favorite Drink(s): Sierra Mist
Disliked Food(s): Ham
Disliked Drink(s): Budwiser

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) - Good Evening- John Reuben
Scent – Burberry
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Animal: Panther
Favorite Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rock

Most Memorable Quote – Music is a way of life not just noise, music speak for itself

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around –
Been there done that what next

One more person ask me can they have money, I'm gonna go crazy!

Music calms my stress so it equals the BEST!
When the fire alarm goes off –
"He pulled it this time?!"
Good Terms:


"What's up"

"What's going on"
Bad Terms:
"What the hell do you want"

"Get the fuck out my face"

"Walk away"
Saying goodbye –
Good Terms:



"Lets chat later"
Bad Terms:
"Finally it's over"


"Bye dumbass"
When Flirted With –
Good Terms:

"Oh um haha"

"Got the right words there"

Bad Terms:

"Never in a million years"

"No, NO, NOOO!"

"Back off"

Watching a fight –
"Rip his arm off!"

"Yeah you get em!"

"Let's see who ends up in the nurse's office next!"
"You picked the wrong day!"
While Fighting –

"I'm gonna end you!"

"That's it!"

Chasing someone –
"All time sprinter coming your way!"

"Watch out gotta kill someone"
Out of breath –
"Damn, need air"
When hidden from –
"Come out and playyyy I won't hurt you"
Kneed in the groin – (delete if this section or sheet is filled out for a female)
"GAH!, My boys!"
Knocked out –
"Don't worry I'll be back"
Stink bomb explodes –
"Oh that smells like crap!"

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)
(if you already listed a character below in the friends, enemies, or acquaintances section don't forget to take them off this list please, we don't want you repeating the relationship over again)


Davis White: "Meh he's ok in my books"
Ethan Robinson: "Ninja dude"
Russell Northrop: "Me and him joke around a lot he may seem dumb but he can actually be a really sensible guy"
Tom Gurney: "That accent of his is so aggravating can't deal with him at most times"
Trent Northwick: "Saw him holdin hands with Kirby at the movies"
Troy Miller: "Loud and stupid"
Wade Martin: "He is supposed to be related to Christy I don't know I don't talk to him much"
Dominick Holt: "Well he is friends with my bro"


Hal Esposito: "Total fatass he actually finds Edna hot"
Johnny Vincent: "Really, Him and his little posse wants us dead"
Lefty Mancini: "Fake ass"
Lola Lombardi: "God the girl is a massive slut"
Lucky De Luca: "Oh him I slammed his head on the side of a locker when he insulted Kelsey"
Norton Williams: "Dude smells like he takes a bath in crap"
Peanut Romano: "He got so mad when I called him Peanut when it's actually his name, right?"
Ricky Pucino: "Ricky just a Johnny wanna be"
Vance Medici: "I think he's gay one day he tried to flirt with me"
Luz Bass: "She could be such a angry b.... female sometimes"

Bo Jackson: "Pretty much quiet don't talk to him"
Casey Harris: "Who? oh yeah the blonde one"
Damon West: "Two words dumb-ass doesn't talk about anything but himself"
Dan Wilson: "Midget, I stole his bag once and hovered it over his head till he could reach"
Juri Karamazov: "He almost broke my neck during football tryouts, but other than that he's cool"
Kirby Olsen: "I heard he's gay, not a big deal though, just don't want him around me"
Luis Luna: "Dude's awesome like the Hulk or somethin"
Mandy Wiles: "Girl is fine, I heard she's flexible"
Ted Thompson: "Ha, MVP my ass I bet he barely knows how to count"


Algernon Papadopoulos: "Not to be mean but, he's a bed wetter"
Beatrice Trudeau: "Ditch the glasses and we'll talk"
Bucky Pasteur: "He's nice gave me a skateboard"
Corneilus Johnson: "He's a little too nerdy"
Donald Anderson: "He looks like Bucky and Earnest combined"
Earnest Jones: "Wow, he knows everything he can sign himself up to be the next Stephen"
Fatty Johnson: "HAHA"
Melvin O'Connor: "Well calling ladies wenches does sound insulting"
Thad Carlson: "Hit me with a ruler before I knocked him upside the head with my bat"
Alex Ball: "He helps Kelsey with her homework so he is a good guy to me"

Angie Ng: "Now that's a girl she's quiet at first but once you get to know her"
Christy Martin: "Not this bitch she and Kelsey have been going at it for days, she's also going out with Gary, insult to injury it seems"
Constantinos Brakus: "Lame, he messes up my set in music class"
Eunice Pound: "Um did I mention she almost ate me once"
Gary Smith: "Gary is manipulative ass don't trust him ever"
Gloria Jackson: "Helped my brother to the nurse if it wasn't for her he'd be dead"
Gordon Wakefield: "Him and Ivan look so alike"
Ivan Alexander: "Gordon looks just like him he has a very intense sleeping problem"
Jimmy Hopkins: "He keeps the people here under control"
Karen Johnson: "She is so adorable"
Lance Jackson: "Who?"
Melody Adams: "Whiny and annoying"
Pedro De La Hoya: "He doesn't deserve all the bullying he gets I usually stand up for him so he doesn't get hurt, told him a secret he hasn't told a soul since"
Pete Kowalski: "Well doesn't deserve the hate he's like Pedro but not afraid to speak his mind"
Ray Hughes: "He's a videogame nerd sometimes I can relate to him"
Sheldon Thompson: "Little twerp needs to stop poking around in other people's business"
Trevor Moore: "Who is he?"


Bif Taylor: "Boxing pro"
Bryce Montrose: "Well he is a quiet dude to me"
Chad Morris: "Don't get on his bad side"
Derby Harrington: "Grade A snob"
Gord Vendome: "Oh yeah him, he and Jimmy might have something on the side"
Justin Vandervelde: "Not worried about him he wants to be me"
Parker Ogilvie: "We talk to him alot and he's treating my sister right"
Pinky Gauthier: "Even though she's my ex I still treat right though FWB ..."
Tad Spencer: "I think he relies on his dad too much, I know I don't"

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Danvers: "She is a bad of dust who wants another bag of dust"
Miss Peters: "She really understands me we both are deeply into music"
Mr. Burton: "He's my coach and all but he can be an ass sometimes"
Mr. Galloway: "Best english teacher ever just needs to lay off the alcohol"
Mr. Hattrick: "Stupid ass gave me an F for sketching in class"
Mr. Luntz: "That janitor I feel sorry for him sometime I see some students littering right in front of him"
Mr. Matthews: "He makes Geography fun and his funny stories about how he could've gotten an idol or somethin"
Mr. Wiggins: "History this, History that nothin new"
Mrs. Carvin: "I helped her stock the library and she let all my debts go"
Mrs. MacRae: "She patched me up after a fight and told me that we all die someday, weird"
Mrs Peabody: "Bitch is old and ugly, ha I think she's a perv for wanting all them doors open
Ms. Phillips: "She is so nice no wonder why everyone likes her Bullworth needs more young teachers"
Neil: "Fuck him, sits there and laughs along like a little child while I get bullied I'll get him one day"

Prefects –

Edward Seymour II: "Mike actually took him down when he tried to bust him"
Karl Branting: "Even though he's strict I can talk to him and we usually get to be serious and talk about deep things"
Max MacTavish: "He is the talk of the jocks caught him taking growth hormones haven't told a soul since, oh wait"
Seth Kolbe: "Big ugly mother fucker big ass lips big ass nose just run away and he'll let up"

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth – (in alphabetical order)


Clint (aka Henry): "He knows this awesome take down that can lock up someone and you can like break a body part or somethin"
Duncan: "G&G wow such a tough guy dude plays that nerdy game"
Edgar Munsen: "Kelsey knows him so good in my books"
Gurney: "Seems a little old to be hangin out with a bunch of kids"
Jerry: "My fist met his mouth when he kept talking about how smart he is"
Leon: "Don't worry about him he's harmless"
Omar Romero: "He's just a common crook who failed to be a common crook"
Otto Tyler: "Big eared freak"
Zoe Taylor: "She's hot too bad she's taken"

Residents in the city of Bullworth –
Bethany Jones: "She is sexy but can be mean to the little ones"
Denny: "Dude ask me if I wanted any tattoos I denied but not in a respectful manner"
Dr. Bambillo: "He's funny he said that Gary is crazy and unstable I laughed but he's not as crazy as me"
Krakauer: "A filithy hobo on the street disgusting breath and all"
Mihailovich: "Stay away from him legend says that he murders customers and puts them in the hotel rooms
Miss Abby: "I feel sorry for her she might have dementia she deserves to be put in a classier place then those tenements
Mr. Brekindale: "Just another rich fool"
Mr. Buckingham: "Don't know him I try to avoid the blue skies area"
Mr. Castillo: "Who?"
Mr. Doolin: "Scam artist much"
Mr. Huntingdon: "He works at the burger joint in old bullworth vale delish"
Mr. Johnson: "Who is he"
Mr. Martin: "Oh he owns the seafood place it's pretty decent"
Mr. Ramirez: "He's nice but is getting old really quick he tells wise stories when ever I pass his shop"
Mr. Salvatore: "He says hi everytime I pass"
Mr. Smith: "Dude is everywhere it's like he wears that same shirt everyday"
Mr. Sullivan: "Who is the guy"
Ms. Rushinski: "She has kids yet she brags about them"
Mrs. Lisburn: "She looks misreable in that retirement home
Osborne: "The news paperdude used to be hot shit back in the day"

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