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Biographical Information

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Aaron Carson Glenn
Meaning - Aaron means exalted Carson son of swamp Glenn means valley
Set Age - 17
Certified Birthdate March 13th
Astrological Sign - Pisces
Chinese Zodiac - Ox
Gender - Male
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Musicman or Shags

Distant Descendants : Caucasian

Dominant Descendants : African American

Physical Description

Hair Color - Dark strawberry blonde
Eye Color - Hazel
Weight – bout 135
Height - 5'8
Typical Clothing Wear :
Summer and Spring: Bullworth Polo that is unbuttoned at the top over a green T shirt with navy blue pants and red Nike along with his usual white earphones.

Fall and Winter: He wears a green hoodie and the same pants he also have dark red gloves and the earphones, He wears black boots.

Formal: Sports a black tuxedo with black dress shoes with a brown lining and white tie

Swimwear: Grey swim trunks with a bright red lining

Halloween: He dresses up as a DJ, making his love for music more obvious

Figure/Build -He has an average build 4 pack abs .3.

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – He has a scar on the back of his leg

Explain: Well he fell on a glass table during one of his parties

Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Frequently Worn Jewelry: He wears a platinum watch

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Boy's dorm
Originated from - Somewhere on the east coast
Traveled Territories - Bullworth, other U.S. states
Hobbies - Listening to music, playing video games, partying
Sexually: Dangerously Homosexual lol
Fears – Being alone, making his brother angry

Religion/Beliefs – Christian (Baptist)

Why?: Born being one

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – No
Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other] : Everyone once in a while he takes a puff of a cigarette but he's not addicted to it.
Why?: He does it when he gets stressed

Any regular medication taken? – No

Chronological Information

Profession - Stocks shelves and manages the cash register at a local music store
Likes - Music, Gaming, reading, partying
Dislikes - Spiders, anyone who disrespects him his friends or family, baths
Goals/Ambitions – Own a club and be a DJ

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience - Nothing really

Weapons/Equipments - Baseball bat, marbles, and his fists
Personal Attributes

Personality -

Pros- Reliable, Responsible, Laid-Back, Trustworthy, Ambitious

Cons- Crazy, Rude, Uncontrollable, Ignorant, Dumb, Impatient , Liar
Strengths -

- He is able to help people out even in the most hardest of situations

- Even though he may look like a mean guy he is actually really nice and helpful

- He doesn't hesitate to fight his way out of the littlest situations
Weaknesses -

- The crazy amounts of stress can cause a breakdown

- He acts out when he doesn't get his earphones back at the end of class

- Very childish at most times
Good Habits - Jokes around in the perfect situations
Bad Habits - Stays up gaming all night, Zones out during class
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors - He pulls his own hair when he is getting mad or aggravated which causes it to fall out in extreme cases of stress.
As you know them better(and you like them) : Awesome, Cool, Reliable
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Disrespectful, Slob, Plain aggravating

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 6/10
He isnt as strong as his brother but he can throw a mean punch
Attractive : 8/10
He usually gets a lot of attention from the girls but is only committed to the one he is currently dating
Honesty : 2/10
Aaron lies his way out of most situations.
Rule Abiding : 3/10
Aaron doesn't really bother to follow the rules he thinks they're stupid
Sociability : 6/10
He talks just enough to get by but often listens to music

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: He was set up in the school by his mother
Clique - Bullies
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - Second in command
Room Number – 5
Roommate(s)- Mike Glenn, Damon West, Kirby Olsen
Favorite Subject(s) – Music
Why?:He loves making music, he loves it when he gets to play after class.
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Shop
Why?: He often gets picked on in the class by the other greasers but he actually knows how to fix bikes from
Favorite Teacher – Miss Peters
Why?: She really understands Aaron's passion for music
Least Favorite Teacher – Neil
Why?: He sits their and lets his students pick on him while he laughs sometimes.


Language(s) – Modern English
Schooling Level - Junior (but is failing)
Expertise – Music- Composer of Modern Music
Chemistry - Midst
Math - Midst
English - Highest
Geography - Highest
Politics/Law - Lowest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Highest
Shop - Midst
Botany/Biology - Lowest
Mythology - Midst
Art - Highest
Photography - Highest
Reading Level - Average

Overall Intelligence Level(s) - Bodily kinesthetic, Musical

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – His brother and sister and various others
Friend(s) - Ethan Robinson, Russell Northrop, Gloria Jackson, Luis Luna,

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – Johnny Vincent, Lucky De Luca
Intolerable Students - Gary Smith, all other greasers

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students - Juri Karamazov, Davis White
Tolerated Townsfolk - Miss Kopke,

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions - (no one)
Crush(es) - (Some)
Lover(s) - Many Homosexual lovers omg
Ex(s) - Pinky Gauthier, Lucy Anderson, Angie Ng, Christy Martin

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Spaghetti and Meatsauce
Favorite Drink(s): Sierra Mist
Disliked Food(s): Ham
Disliked Drink(s): Beer

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) - Centuries by Fall Out Boy
Scent – A lightly scented dumpster smell
Favorite Color: Neon Blue and Red
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rock/Dubstep

Most Memorable Quote – You can't influence music but music can influence you

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around –
Been there done that what next

One more person bug me about my next party I don't know what I'll do

You people should hear that new album by DJ XYZ
When the fire alarm goes off –
"He pulled it this time!" "Anything to ditch class" "Yes now I can go chill somewhere else"
Good Terms:


"What's up"

"What's going on"
Bad Terms:
"What the hell do you want"

"Ugh, not you again"

"Walk away"
Saying goodbye –
Good Terms:



"Lets chat later"
Bad Terms:
"Yeah, whatever that was boring"

"I never wanted to talk to you"

"Bye idiot"
When Flirted With –
Good Terms:

"Oh um haha"

"Got the right words there"


"Hey Sexy"
Bad Terms:

"Never in a million years"

"God you ain't even near cute"

"Back off"

"You? with my sexy ass? no thanks"

Watching a fight –
"Rip his arm off!"

"Yeah you get em!"

"Let's see who ends up in the infirmary next!"
"You picked the wrong day!"

"I'm gonna end you"

"I've been dying for a fight"
While Fighting –

"I'm gonna end you!"

"That's it!"

Chasing someone –
"I'm on the track team, you think you can outrun me!"

"Hey get back here!!"
Out of breath –
"Damn, I need air"

"Just hold up, I need to catch my breath"
When hidden from –
"Come out and playyyy I won't hurt you"

"I'm gonna get ya!"
Kneed in the groin –
"GAH!, My boys!"

"Not the knick knacks...."
Knocked out –
"Don't worry I'll be back..."

"This isn't over"
Stink bomb explodes –
"Oh that smells like crap!"

"Smells like the boys locker room"

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)
(if you already listed a character below in the friends, enemies, or acquaintances section don't forget to take them off this list please, we don't want you repeating the relationship over again)


Davis White: "Meh he's ok in my books"
Ethan Robinson: "Ninja dude"
Russell Northrop: "Me and him joke around a lot he may seem dumb but he can actually be a really sensible guy"
Tom Gurney: "That accent of his is so aggravating can't deal with him at most times"
Trent Northwick: "Saw him holdin hands with Kirby at the movies"
Troy Miller: "Loud and stupid"
Wade Martin: "He is supposed to be related to Christy I don't know I don't talk to him much"


Hal Esposito: "Total fatass he actually finds Edna hot"
Johnny Vincent: "Really, Him and his little posse wants me dead"
Lefty Mancini: "Well he's kinda cute"
Lola Lombardi: "The girl is a massive slut"
Lucky De Luca: "I have a thing for him..."
Norton Williams: "This dude smells terrible!"
Peanut Romano: "He got so mad when I called him Peanut when it's actually his name, shame about the little dude"
Ricky Pucino: "Ricky's just a Johnny wanna be"
Vance Medici: "I think he's gay one day he got me in bed with him.... I've said enough..."


Bo Jackson: "Pretty much quiet don't talk to him"
Casey Harris: "Who? oh yeah the blonde one"
Damon West: "Two words 'dumb-ass' doesn't talk about anything but himself"
Dan Wilson: " I stole his bag once and hovered it over his head and he couldn't reach"
Juri Karamazov: "He almost broke my neck during football tryouts so I went tried out for track and basketball"
Kirby Olsen: "I heard he's gay, not a big deal though"
Luis Luna: "Dude's awesome like the Hulk or somethin"
Mandy Wiles: "Girl is fine, I heard she's flexible"
Mike Glenn: "Dear god I'm scared of my own brother"
Ted Thompson: "Ha, MVP my ass I bet he barely knows how to count"


Algernon Papadopoulos: "Not to be mean but, he's a bed wetter"
Beatrice Trudeau: "Ditch the glasses and we'll talk"
Bucky Pasteur: "He's nice gave me a skateboard"
Corneilus Johnson: "He's a little too nerdy"
Donald Anderson: "He looks like Bucky and Earnest combined"
Earnest Jones: "Wow, he knows everything he can sign himself up to be the next Stephen"
Fatty Johnson: "This dude reaks of piss and rotten food "
Melvin O'Connor: "Well calling ladies wenches does sound insulting"
Thad Carlson: "He hit me with a ruler one time, he never did it again after"


Alina Michaels: "One of my close friends she's an awesome girl too"
Angie Ng: "Now that's a girl she's quiet at first but once you get to know her"
Christy Martin: "Shame Kelsey has to put up with her"
Constantinos Brakus: "Lame, he messes up my set in music class"
Eunice Pound: "She's too nice and doesn't deserve the hate she gets"
Gary Smith: "Gary is manipulative asshole don't trust him ever"
Gloria Jackson: "Helped my brother to the nurse if it wasn't for her he'd be dead"
Gordon Wakefield: "Him and Ivan look so alike"
Ivan Alexander: "Gordon looks just like him he has a very intense sleeping problem"
Jimmy Hopkins: "He keeps the people here under control"
Karen Johnson: "She is so adorable"
Kelsey Glenn "She can be a pain but I'm there for her"
Lance Jackson: "Who?"
Melody Adams: "Whiny and annoying"
Pedro De La Hoya: "He doesn't deserve all the bullying he gets, I usually stand up for him so he doesn't get hurt, told him a secret he hasn't told a soul since"
Pete Kowalski: "Well he doesn't deserve the hate, he's like Pedro but not afraid to speak his mind"
Ray Hughes: "He's a videogame nerd sometimes I can relate to him but I'd bully him instead "
Sheldon Thompson: "Little twerp needs to stop poking around in other people's business"
Tara Colby: "One of my close friends"
Trevor Moore: "Who is he?"


Bif Taylor: "He's big and cute, my type of man"
Bryce Montrose: "Well he is a quiet dude to me"
Chad Morris: "Don't get on his bad side"
Derby Harrington: "I want him and Bif in bed with me (人´∀`*)"
Gord Vendome: "Oh yeah him and Jimmy might have something on the side"
Justin Vandervelde: "Kind of a dick"
Parker Ogilvie: "Ha he has a big nose(^v^)"
Pinky Gauthier: "She kinda has a thing for me but I'm more into guys"
Tad Spencer: "I think he relies on his dad too much, I know I don't"

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Danvers: "She's gonna be dust in a couple years '-'"
Miss Peters: "She really understands me we both are deeply into music"
Coach Patterson: "He's my coach and all but he can be an ass sometimes" (Events after Complete Mayhem
Mr. Burton: "A pervert that's what he is" (Events before Complete Mayhem)
Mr. Galloway: "Best English teacher ever just needs to lay off the alcohol"
Mrs. Harrison "I wish I was in AP"
Mr. Hattrick: "Stupid ass gave me an F for sketching in class"
Mr. Luntz: "That janitor I feel sorry for him sometime I see some students littering right in front of him"
Mr. Matthews: "He makes Geography fun and his funny stories about how he could've gotten an idol or somethin"
Mr. Wiggins: "History this, History that, nothin new"
Mrs. Carvin: "I helped her stock the library and she let all my debts go"
Mrs. MacRae: "She patched me up after a fight and told me that we'll die someday, weird"
Mrs Peabody: "I heard she's way over hundred"
Ms. Phillips: "She is so nice no wonder why everyone likes her, Bullworth needs more young teachers"
Neil: "Fuck him, sits there and laughs along like a little child while I get bullied I'll get him one day"

Prefects –

Edward Seymour II: "Mike actually took him down when he tried to bust him"
Karl Branting: "Even though he's strict I can talk to him, kinda like a dad to me"
Max MacTavish: "This dude is kinda rough when it comes to sending me to the office"
Seth Kolbe: "One of the most scariest prefects, he can snap my neck if he wanted"
Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth – (in alphabetical order)


Clint (aka Henry): "He knows this awesome take down that can lock up someone and you can like break a body part or somethin"
Duncan: "G&G wow such a tough guy dude plays that nerdy game"
Edgar Munsen: "What a man... I mean...nevermind"
Gurney: "Seems a little old to be hangin out with a bunch of kids"
Jerry: "He brags about his smartness -.-"
Leon: "Don't worry about him he's harmless"
Omar Romero: "He's just a common crook"
Otto Tyler: "I call him big ears"
Zoe Taylor: "She's kinda hot"

Residents in the city of Bullworth –
Bethany Jones: "She's mean to the little ones"
Denny: "Dude ask me if I wanted any tattoos, sadly I didn't have money on me"
Dr. Bambillo: "He talks a lot about how Gary is "
Krakauer: "A filithy hobo on the street disgusting breath and all"
Mihailovich: "Stay away from him, legend says that he murders customers and puts them in the hotel rooms
Miss Abby: "I feel sorry for her she might have dementia she deserves to be put in a more decent place then those tenements..."
Mr. Brekindale: "Just another idiot"
Mr. Buckingham: "Don't know him I try to avoid the blue skies area"
Mr. Castillo: "Who?"
Mr. Doolin: "Scam artist much"
Mr. Huntingdon: "He works at the burger joint in old bullworth vale delish"
Mr. Johnson: "Who is he"
Mr. Martin: "Oh he owns the seafood place it's pretty decent"
Mr. Ramirez: "He's nice but is getting old really quick he tells wise stories when ever I pass his shop"
Mr. Salvatore: "Kinda creepy but in a nice way.... I guess"
Mr. Smith: "Dude is everywhere it's like he wears that same shirt everyday."
Mr. Sullivan: "Who is the guy"
Ms. Rushinski: "She has kids yet she brags about them"
Mrs. Lisburn: "She looks miserable in that retirement home
Osborne: "Who reads the newspaper anymore"

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