Cassandra Picture

Cassandra - pen on paper, 29x21 cm, February 16th, 2013

I really like Greek mythology. Cassandra was a Trojan princess, daughter of Priamos and Hekabe. She could see the future, and that is an interesting fact, because the future did not stop (of course) when Cassandra died. So here, in my drawing, you can see her vision of what we know as 'history', but for her it is 'future': the walls of Troy and the fire between them, the goddess Athena (Cassandra is dragged away from a statue of her, for which she takes revenge on Ajax the Lesser), the Mycaenan queen Klytaimnestra (who kills Cassandra with that nice axe with which she also kills her husband Agamemnon after the war) and then several events out of history until a really big disaster called World War Two. Those towers are the churches Saint Lawrence (Rotterdam) and Saint Augustine (Nijmegen), the first still stands, the second is demolished some years after the war. To make it clear: I am from Holland, so you may not understand some of the little drawings inside, like the guy who is shot down (Willem van Oranje, the national hero of the Netherlands) and the bishop with the axe (Saint Bonifatius, who tried to convert the Frisians to Christianity by cutting down a sacred oak, but he failed and was killed because those frisians had loved their tree). Some, however, are clear to everyone, like, of course, Jesus Christ and that poor fellow under the guillotine (when I made this drawing, I didn not have a certain person in my mind). But most of the things are just items belonging to a certain era, like the romanesque and gothic cathedral (I really like cathedrals) and the bridge with a carriage and a train on it.
You may ask how long I have worked on this. Well, I have finished it within two days. I started at school, during an uninteresting lesson, then I had a free hour, then another uninteresting lesson, then I went home and in the evening, I had finished it up to the two cathedrals. The next day was a saturday, so I had plenty of time to finish it. But I am still proud that I only needed two days, because normally I have to think a lot about the composition while making it, but now I knew exactly what I was doing.
So, take your time to watch the details, I hope you will enjoy it!
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