Queen Amphitrite III Picture

"A ruining storm maddens along the wide gulfs of the deep, and moans Amphitrite (The Sea-queen) with her Anguished waves which sweep from every hand, uptowering like precipiced mountains, while the bitter squall, ceaselessly veering, shrieks across the sea"
-Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 8.62

"The wave of blue-eyed Amphitrite, roaring over the wine-dark sea."
-Pausanias, Guide to Greece

This is a piece to depict my version of Queen Amphitrite from Greek Mythology. I drew most of my inspiration from words rather than, pictures because there really isn't to much to draw on cosmetically from most original pictures of her from Greek Mythology. I was originally going to add more color to the makeup, but I really wanted my blue eyes to be piercing in the piece. I wish I would have made the "scales" under her eye a little more prominent, but nothing I can do about that now lol. Maybe if I do more scales in the future I'll try to add some depth to them to make them appear more 3D. Anyway, I probably should have spent more time on this, but whatever, here it is.
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