Homunculus and the Cat (Nathan Croft) Picture

Paperback print cover for Homunculus and the Cat, by Nathan Croft

Just a typical kitten saves the afterlife story, disguised as a book about death.

In a world where every culture’s mythology is real, Medusa’s sisters want revenge on Poseidon, Troy is under siege again, and the Yakuza want their homunculi (mythological artificial humans) back. Near Atlantis’ Chinatown, a kitten and her human campaign for homunculi rights. Against them are Japanese death gods, an underworld cult, and a fat Atlantean bureaucrat.

The main character dies (more than once) and a few underworlds’ way of death is threatened. There are also giant armored battle squids.

  • ISBN (eBook): 9781620079331
  • ISBN (Paperback): 9781620079348
Resource credits:
  • Top grunge background stock image © Yaroslav Gerzhedovich
  • Bottom buildings stock image © Maria Fo
  • Wings stock vector © 77DZIGN

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