We Who do not Fall Picture

This is what happens when I watch Troy while drawing Shisui.
I don't like how his head came out too much. His hair gets really annoying to draw, especially with how I do it.
I'm afraid it isn't messy enough! *laughs*
So, yeah. I can imagine Shisui having Greek/Roman/Etc. blood in him.
I was watching the part with Achyllies and that brown-haired chick he fell in love with and thought...
I may draw another, I dunno yet.
But I can imagine him leaving for the battle, and Itachi's injured and all like "NOES DONT LEAVE MAH!"
And Shisui's like "You musn't worry, my beloved, for we are the men who do not fall." *Epic stare hair flip helmet put on move*
Have some Roman Shisui!
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