Gany says. Picture

I wanted to draw a vaguely disney-esque Ganymede..but it ended up look more anime-y in the end. not a big shocker..since its the only thing ive drawn since like middle school (before that it was powerpuffgirls.)..and it ended up looking less male. again..not a huge shock...

Greek mythology isnt my forte. Egyptian is....Buuuuut I think Ganymede's story is adorable. in the yaoi fangirl sort of adorable. you know the 'raped and stolen from his home' sort of adorable. Zeus you old bastard. I'd love to draw Hyancithus too. (Hmm does something run in the family? Prince of Troy, Prince of Sparta...wait). Also I love Persephone..a bit of a change from the yaoiness. How cool would it be to end up the queen of hell? seriously.

Most pictures i've seen give Ganymede blonde wavy hair. so yeah..and since hes the 'water bearer' he got blue eyes. simple enough. also he looks like a chick. but whatever.

ganymede @ Past not present. (Possibly the Minoans..)
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