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In the ancient City of Troy, a recently-freed slave woman and a proud soldier produce a bright-eyed child whom they named Talos, after the mythological guardian of Europa. Talos was raised under the tutelage of his own father before he gained the attention of the Trojan Prince Hector through the boy's unique skill set and reputation. Talos took the fighting techniques of the standard Trojan soldier and applied them through the use of a single, early variant of a spatha blade with defensive postures. On top of this Talos used common sense tactics to gain an edge over many of his fellow recruits into the Trojan army, the only ones being able to defeat him being those who specialized in the speed smaller-bladed weapons provided. The boy's tactics in battle at the time were simple and basic yet effective, and realizing this Prince Hector decided to take the boy under his wing as a student.

Talos rose to prominence fairly quickly under the careful teachings of Prince Hector and trained to near-perfection in Trojan fighting techniques and tactics, though he still furthered his own personal style of combat and eventually had a specialized spatha-style sword crafted for him. Needless to say; many did not like the thought of a boy only just arriving in his late teens potentially outranking most of the older, more experienced soldiers of the Trojan army and so a handful of soldiers decided to make an example of him. While just finishing a trip to the bath house, Talos would be confronted by six Trojan solders armed, armored, and looking for a fight. When the six warriors made their assault, Talos utilized his smaller frame to snake between the warriors and escape from the otherwise unsuitable room they were in. Talos then proceeded to lead the six into a wild goose chase throughout the bath house, stirring an outcry from the many visitors within and spurring the eventual arrival of city guardsmen. Talos successfully outwitted and dodged the six soldiers long enough for all of them to be arrested by the city guardsmen. However, before the six were taken away; Talos challenged the ring leader to a pankration match: if he won, he and his men would be set free; but if Talos won, he and his men would become the first of Talos's unit should he become a commanding officer.

The ring leader agreed and the very next day they had their showdown under the watchful eye of Prince Hector and even King Priam. The fight began with the offending soldier attempting to rush and grapple the young Talos, but Talos once again utilized his smaller stature and speed to avoid the man's grasp but he merely took pot shots at the man in response, showing off a clear preference for pankration's pygmachia-style (boxing) strikes. With the match continuing on; the spectators and even the man himself would come to realize that Talos was attempting to wear the man out before finishing him, and as such the man switched up his tactics. The man suddenly fooled Talos with a false charge before he performed a true grappling move where Talos attempted to dodge to. Captured in the man's grasp, Talos was tossed into a nearby marble column where the back of his head is split open. The match is placed on hold as Talos's wound is checked, but the boy continuously claimed that he was fine and outright demanded that the match continue. Priam allowed it, and soon the two were facing off once more. The man - suddenly overtaken by his arrogance - once again attempting his feinting combination but once he applied it; Talos countered with a rarely-seen gastrizein that connected to the man's lowered head and the force of the kick rendered the man unconscious.

Following the match, Priam took the suggestion from Hector to make the boy a commander under serious consideration and soon Talos was made captain with the six warriors - as promised - his first unit. Instead of begrudging or even attempting to get revenge on the warriors, Talos worked hard to gain the warriors' respect and often considered their advice and arguments as they were all more experienced than he was. Nevertheless, Talos asserted his authority when needed and the small unit experienced relative success in the tasks they were assigned to, failing only when they failed to work together. This was quickly overcome however, and soon the six warriors would become captains themselves each with their very own units under the command of Talos - who was himself promoted to a full-blown commander of Troy.

When the Trojan War broke out, Talos and his units were largely kept within or near the city but saw plenty of brutal battlefield action, many of which would see the loss of many of their units including Talos's second-in-command whom was killed in a one-sided battle with Telamonian Ajax. Talos would find a chance to avenge his fallen friend and comrade as his unit was charged with defending a city outside of Troy from a Greek assault. Here, Talos left the responsibility of turning away the Greek forces to his remaining five captain while he himself engaged Ajax directly in an attempt to cut off the head of the snake as it were. The battle between Talos and Ajax was brutal with Talos only able to fend off the superior fighter with his defensive postures and parries; and though Talos was able to disarm the colossal Greek multiple times, he is unable to land a hit and thus Ajax's reputation of surviving through a battle without a scratch remained intact. But Ajax is forced to retreat before he can overcome Talos's defenses when he realizes that the Trojans had successfully pushed back the Greek assault with devastating results. Talos essentially earns Ajax's respect as the Greek departs in peace with a firm handshake and a comment of him looking forward to engaging the boy again.

Despite the success, Talos would soon watch on in horror as Prince Hector - his mentor - was confronted and killed by Achilles and subsequently dragged behind the Greek's chariot. Like many throughout the city, Talos was outraged and angrily demanded an assault on the Greeks to take back the prince's body as soon as possible, even having a heartfelt argument with King Priam - who would have had the young man arrested if he did not understand his pain. Talos would only find his serenity again in the warm embrace of an amazon whom Talos met and developed feelings for over the course of the war, added to that Priam's successful reclamation of Hector's body.

Talos's units were of the few posted to guard the city the night the Greeks emerged from the Trojan Horse and the Sack of Troy began and - as such - many his units were among the earliest casualties. Talos did his part in organizing some sort of defense against the ransacking Greeks and his remaining men were among the most difficult to defeat according to some Greeks in part due to a brilliant play of dawning the armor of fallen enemies. Worried about the survival of the royal family, Talos set out to try and evacuate those he deemed worthy of survival, unaware that Priam had already been slain by Neoptolemus. Ironically, Talos found himself arriving at the chamber of Prince Deiphobus and Helen of Troy just as the Greek Warrior Odysseus and King of Sparta Menelaus broke in to kill the couple. The four warriors engaged and Deiphobus was thoroughly defeated, killed, and mutilated by Menelaus fairly quickly, unable to withstand the Spartan's onslaught. Outnumbered and unable to find Helen, Talos makes a break for it with Odysseus giving chase and begrudgingly leaving Helen to her fate. At first Talos is able to elude Odysseus and meets with his remaining men, only two of the original six warriors whom first joined him still alive. Realizing that attempting to defend the city any longer was a fool's errand, Talos and his men reluctantly agreed to flee the city however way they can and meet again at Mt. Ida. Thus, Talos's unit split up for the sake of survival but very soon Talos encountered Odysseus once again and the two reengage with Odysseus giving chase to the fleeing Talos. Their duel stretched across the burning city with the two truly clashing with their blades on many occasions, the two being almost evenly matched between Odysseus's intelligence and experience and Talos's defensive tactics and agility.

Talos was finally cornered in the very bath house where he began making a name for himself and he decided that this was where he will spend his final moments battling against the Greek hero. The two warriors truly let loose their aggression and skills against one another in this fight with each getting battered by the other. Talos also once again showed off his proficiency in pygmachia when Odysseus disarmed him and Talos countered with brutal and heavy blows that nearly knocked the Greek unconscious. However, despite the lengthy and even duel; Talos would at last be bested as - witnessed by the mid-morning sun - Odysseus slipped past Talos's guard and sliced the back of the boy's knees. Too fatigued to attempt to get his feet under him; Talos turned to Odysseus and sat on his knees, acknowledging Odysseus as the better warrior and wishing his life be spared from the wrath of the gods for the treachery the Greeks utilized to win.

It would seem that the gods had other plans for Talos however; as when Odysseus lunged for the fatal blow, the young Trojan evaporated into thin air. Talos's sight blurred from the incoming blade to pure whiteness and the feeling of his wounds being mended. The gods needed Talos for a mysterious reason, one he did not yet know. Even so, he was given new armor forged by Hephaestus and whose creation was overseen by Athena and a mysterious new sword called Ashen...

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