Persayus Picture

I was watching the movie Troy the other day, and besides me saying to myself "I really like this movie..a lot." I decided I have to draw my favourite characters aka Achillies and Persayus. I'm not sure of their actual relationship in greek mythology only what the movie had to offer which is: The greeks brought her to achillies as a "slave" and he was all "don't fear me" and they were all "lets have sex" and then they fell in love and she helped him find "inner peace", but then her cousin killed his cousin, so he went and killed her cousin. Then her dad came over for the body to properly bury his son, and persayus left with her uncle, then the greeks thought up the Trojan horse and achilles was all "oh shit, gott a go save persayus..." and he found her just in the nic of time only to be shot in the heel by persayus' other cousin the brother of the cousin achilles killed. And yup achillies died,a nd persayus was left alone. Tear jerker, i know. So this is my illustration of Persayus.
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