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Katie McGrath as Eris

Goddess of strife, discord, contention, and rivalry.

It is sometimes difficult to know where to lay the blame when an argument occurs. This was not the case for the ancient Greeks. They knew who was responsible for the onset of war. It was Eris, goddess of discord and strife, who was to blame for quarrels and battles between men.

Eris' birth is questionable at best. While not an Olympian, some say that she was born to Hera and Zeus and is Ares' sister, as well as his most trusted partner in crime. Further, it is speculated that she was born to the night and shadows, Nyx and Erebus. Perhaps, for the sake of continuity, Eris was born to the titan goddess Nyx alone, without a father... Although she was not born to him, Erebus treated Eris and her siblings like they were his own. It is undeniable that Nyx cared greatly for her children, even while most of them were nothing but troublemakers. As the Goddess of Discord and Strife, Eris was the go-to partner in crime for Ares. Her bloodlust was only matched by his, making the duo a formidable one. Long before other Gods would show up to war and long after they would disperse, Eris reveled in the bloodshed. For the goddess to list all of her conquests over the years, it would take far too long. But for what she is most known for was causing the Trojan war.

Eris was infuriated that all the immortals had been invited to Pelus and Thetis' wedding except for herself. It was less of the fact that she wanted to go and more that she had been blatantly left out. Still, she went anyways and proceeded to do what she does best. During the gathering, she tossed a golden apple of her creation that read 'Kallisti', or "to the fairest" towards the guests. Hera, Aphrodite and Athena each deemed it belong to them and since they could not decide who it was for, they requested Zeus pick. Cleverly, Zeus in turn made the mortal prince Paris choose. Athena offered him skill in war, Hera the power over men... But it was Aphrodite's offer to have Helen's hand in marriage that won the young prince over. When Aphrodite helped Paris kidnap Helen, who was already married, the Trojan war began. Eris gleefully joined Ares on Troy's side and to the day marks this as her most brilliant of schemes.


Bloodthirsty - Nothing delights Eris more than to cause a good ruckus, especially if it ends up in bloodshed. She will go to great lengths to ensure that friends will become enemies and families will drift apart. It is simply in her nature.

Hard-hearted - Very little can get under her skin and she has no problem with telling someone exactly what's on her mind. It's when she decides to be charming that one should worry.

Sacred Symbols and Animals

The golden apple - It is said that the moral of Eris’ “gift” of the golden apple, is that the discord thus created inevitably results in one making the choice of power, wealth, or love.

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