Happy Watching, Fuckers.... Picture

Hey! This is the lovely simon, who by some weird feat was conned into explaining "Troy", or "the iliad" to you kids. I dont know why it was HIM, my guess is that adrian couldn't care less or hold any opinion on it, even though he is the classics scholar.

I dont know if they're basing 'Troy' totally on the Iliad but if they're making Helen blonde (!!!!!) and not having apollo in it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) as has been rumoured, then how is paris going to kill achilles? And if achilles and patroclus aren't even slightly bisexual, how are they going to explain achille's going totallyinsanelikeWOAH when patroclus dies? Dude.

I've been reading up on all this stuff. Go me. Simon, the girly little homo that he is, wishes you all to go to hell. ^_^
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