Claire Jane Brighton Picture

Biographical Information

Full Name [& Pronunciation] – Claire Jane Brighton / (CLARE, JAYN, BRI(GH)-TON)
Meaning – Claire “Bright, Famous”, Jane “God is gracious”, Brighton “Bridge Settlement”
Set Age - 17
Certified Birthdate – August 11th
Astrological Sign – Scorpio
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Jane or C.J.

*Jane: She prefers her middle name rather than her first name.
*C.J.: Sometimes people call her "C.J."

Physical Description

Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Green
Weight – 115 lbs.
Height – 5’6”
Typical Clothing Wear – A buttoned up white shirt, dark denim jeans, black go-go boots, and a leather jacket.
Figure/Build – Slim/Slender

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements – Bullworth Academy
Originated from – New York City
Traveled Territories – Around the world
Hobbies – Skateboarding, Dancing, Acting, Singing, Photography, Drawing, and Painting
Fears – Losing her closest friends

Religion/Beliefs – Catholic

Why?: Jane has been a Catholic since she was a little girl.

Chronological Information

Profession – Bullworth Student (weekdays), Record Store Clerk (weekends)
Likes – Skateboarding, Shopping, Cheerleading, Sunsets, Thunderstorms, Rock Bands, Motorcycles, Martial Arts, and Long walks at night
Dislikes – School lunch, Seafood, Rats, and Hobos
Goals/Ambitions – She’s trying to complete her senior year at Bullworth Academy.

Weapons/Equipments – Baseball Bats, Spray Paints, Rubber Bands, Firecrackers, and Textbooks

Personal Attributes

Personality –
*Pros: Tough, Mysterious, Friendly, Loving, Outgoing, Loyal, Strong-Willed, and Proud
*Cons: Paranoid, Bitchy, Aggressive, and Stubborn

Strengths –
*Always loyal to her friends.
*Being there for the Greasers.

Weaknesses –
*Having to deal with the Preppies.
*Getting aggressive with prefects.

Good Habits – Keeping things organized.
Bad Habits – Burping after drinking a can of Beam Cola.

As you know them better(and you like them) : Sane, Fun, Outgoing
As you know them better(and you hate them) : Crazy, Boring, Stupid

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 9/10
For a girl, Jane is strong and has a habit of flipping people over whenever they mess with her.
Attractive : 9/10
Jane is considered attractive by most of the guys at Bullworth.
Honesty : 7/10
Jane is honest towards her friends and most of the faculty, but not the prefects.
Rule Abiding : 7/10
Jane follows the rules most of the time but only gets in trouble whenever she gets into a fight.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Jane and her father moved to Old Bullworth Vale and she starts her senior year at Bullworth Academy.
Clique – Greasers, Jocks (only in her cheerleading uniform)
Standing and Rank in Social Circle – Regular Follower
Room Number – 5
Roommate(s) – Zoe Taylor & Mandy Wiles
Favorite Subject(s) – Art, Photography, Shop
Why?: Jane likes to draw during her free time and likes to take pictures for the Yearbook Club. She's also skilled in mechanics.
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Math
Why?: Jane doesn’t like the homework that Mr. Hattrick assigns.
Favorite Teacher – Ms. Philips
Why?: Jane forms a close teacher/student friendship with her.
Least Favorite Teacher – Mr. Hattrick
Why?: Jane hates him in general.


Language(s) – English, Spanish, French
Schooling Level – Senior
Expertise – Guitarist
Chemistry – Moderate
Math – Low
English – Moderate
Geography – High
Politics/Law – Moderate
Economy – Moderate
Cooking/Culinary – Moderate
Shop – High
Botany/Biology – Moderate
Mythology – High
Art – High
Photography – High
Reading Level – Above Average

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – Zoe Taylor, Ted Thompson, Bif Taylor, Lucky De Luca

*Zoe Taylor: Zoe helped Jane get settled in to the Girls’ Dorm and offered her a tour around the whole school. They’re best friends throughout the whole year.

*Ted Thompson: Jane met and became friends with Ted in Gym class and they always have each other’s backs.

*Bif Taylor: Despite being a Preppie, Bif became good friends with Jane after she moved to Old Bullworth Vale and is one of her neighbors. He also comforted her after she broke up with Derby.

*Lucky De Luca: Lucky is one of the Greasers that Jane's close with and she has him in most of her classes.

Friend(s) – The Greasers, Mandy Wiles, Pinky Gauthier, Jimmy Hopkins, Russell Northrop

*The Greasers: This is her main clique and they’re Jane’s trusted allies.

*Mandy Wiles: Despite being the meanest girl in school, Mandy became friends with Jane and was nice enough to let her on the cheerleading squad.

*Pinky Gauthier: Jane met and became friends with Pinky over the summer and they go on shopping sprees.

*Jimmy Hopkins: Jimmy tells Jane about what the students and faculty are like and they become good friends throughout the year.

*Russell Northrop: Jane met Russell through Jimmy and she thinks of him as a big teddy bear with a big heart.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies – The Preppies, Lola Lombardi

*The Preppies: Excluding Bif and Pinky, Jane hates the Preppies because of them ripping on the Greasers for being poor. They also hate her for breaking up with Derby and for her having a crush on his arch enemy, Johnny Vincent. She’s on okay terms with Parker.

*Lola Lombardi: Jane hates Lola because of her slutty reputation and they become enemies throughout the whole year.

Intolerable Students – The Nerds, Beatrice Trudeau, Eunice Pound, Sheldon Thompson, Constantinos Brakus, Damon West

*The Nerds: Jane finds the Nerds, "annoying" and "sometimes gross". She's on okay terms with Melvin.

*Beatrice Trudeau: Jane dislikes Beatrice, but she doesn't hate her as much as she hates Lola.

*Eunice Pound: Jane thinks Eunice eats like a pig and that she's just gross in general.

*Sheldon Thompson: Jane thinks that Sheldon is the most annoying little kid at Bullworth. She even calls him, "The Tattletaling Twit."

*Constantinos Brakus: He stalks her every day and his sarcasm annoys her.

*Damon West: Knowing how aggressive Damon is, Jane doesn't like him.

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students – The Jocks, The Bullies, Parker Ogilvie, Melvin O'Connor, Christy Martin, Pedro De La Hoya

*The Jocks: Jane only interacts with the Jocks when she has cheerleading practice, but she’s not as close with them as she is with the Greasers.

*The Bullies: Jane becomes acquaintances with a few of the Bullies and even though she's new at Bullworth, they don't pick on her.

*Parker Ogilvie: Jane considers Parker a “frenemy” because they’re only nice to each other when he’s not with any of the other Preppies.

*Melvin O'Connor: Jane usually asks Melvin for help with her homework and he's the only Nerd that she becomes acquaintances with.

*Christy Martin: Jane’s not really comfortable about Christy’s gossiping but they become good acquaintances throughout the year.

*Pedro De La Hoya: Jane's not really fond of a few of the little kids at Bullworth because of their constant tattling but the only one she becomes good acquaintances with is Pedro.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions – Bif Taylor & Ricky Pucino

*Bif Taylor: Bif has developed a secret crush on Jane but it's mostly one-sided on his side.

*Ricky Pucino: Ricky admits to having a crush on Jane but since Johnny likes her, he didn’t want to start a rivalry with him so Ricky’s decided to remain good friends with her.

Crush(es) – Johnny Vincent

*Johnny Vincent: Johnny fell into a deep depression after breaking up with Lola and had a hard time getting over her. Jane helps him regain his confidence and they've started to develop feelings for each other.

Lover(s) – None

Ex(s) – Derby Harrington

*Derby Harrington: Jane dated Derby over the summer but broke up with him because he cheated on her.

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Pepperoni Pizza, Chili, Bacon
Favorite Drink(s): Caramel Frappes, Fruit Smoothies, Beam Cola
Disliked Food(s): Edna’s cooking, Anchovies
Disliked Drink(s): Energy Drinks, Flavored Water

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) – Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
Scent – Vampire Fantasies
Favorite Color: Midnight Blue
Favorite Seasons: Spring & Autumn
Favorite Animal: Zebras
Favorite Music Genre: Rock
Favorite Books: The Outsiders, Flowers in the Attic, Carrie, To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite TV Show: The Tudors

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around
“I wonder how my dad’s doing.”
“What’s Johnny been up to?”
“So much homework, so little time.”

When the fire alarm goes off
“Saved by the bell.”

Good Terms:
“What’s up?”
Bad Terms:
“You want a kick in the balls?”
“Don’t you have someplace to be right now?”
“Can I help you?”

Saying goodbye
Good Terms:
“I gotta get to Yearbook Club. See ya.”
“I have some errands to run. Bye.”
“It was nice talking to you but I gotta go.”
Bad Terms:
“Get lost, loser.”
“I have no time for this.”
“Just get outta here.”

When Flirted With
Good Terms:
“Let’s make out.”
“What are you waiting for?”
Bad Terms:
“Make out with you? Hell no!”
“I'm not gonna lock lips with you."

Watching a fight
“Kick him in the balls!”
“Where's my camera?"

“Time for you to meet my fist in your face!”
“Don’t get in my way!”
“The party’s just started!”

While Fighting
“Having fun yet?
“Didn’t your mom tell you not to hit girls?”
“Say your prayers, kid!”

Chasing someone
“Come back! I just wanna punch you!”

Out of breath
“Just give me a minute…to catch my breath.”

Knocked out
“Bad day, my ass."
“Damn you to hell."
“Kill me .”

Stink bomb explodes
*coughs* “Did Algie stink up the whole bathroom or what?” *coughs*
“That smells like a gas station bathroom.”

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)


Davis White: “I’ve seen Davis chasing some Nerd across the football field and damn, he’s fast.”
Ethan Robinson: “He showed me some of his ninja moves.”
Tom Gurney: “I think Tom is a really nice guy once you get to know him.”
Trent Northwick: “He’s in my Yearbook Club and we share a few laughs.”
Troy Miller: “I heard Troy talking about his feelings for Russell.”
Wade Martin: “For a bully who has anger issues, Wade’s kinda cute but my feelings towards him aren’t that big.”


Hal Esposito: “I love watching Hal in an eating contest.”
Lefty Mancini: “Lefty's in my Art class and we usually partner up for in-class projects.”
Norton Williams: “He’s a really nice guy and he got me hooked onto 'The Outsiders' novel and film.”
Peanut Romano: “I love Peanut (as a friend) and Johnny's lucky to have a best friend like him.”
Ricky Pucino: “We fix up a lot of bikes together and he’s so funny.”
Vance Medici: “Vance is in my math class and he keeps me company.”


Bo Jackson: "Bo's okay but I don't really talk to him that much.”
Casey Harris: “Casey has been trying to ask me out numerous times but I keep telling him that I don’t date Jocks.”
Dan Wilson: “There's some part of him that annoys me but other than that, he's okay.”
Juri Karamazov: “Mr. Galloway wanted me to tutor Juri in English.”
Kirby Olsen: “He's cute as a PowerPuff Girl.”
Luis Luna: “Luis showed me how to play ‘Keep Ups’.”


Algernon Papadopoulos: “Algie smells and is just gross in general.”
Bucky Pasteur: “Bucky has a crush on Beatrice, which I think it’s kinda funny.”
Cornelius Johnson: “I had Cornelius tutor me in Math.”
Donald Anderson: “Donald's not as harmless as he seems and he's got some anger issues.”
Earnest Jones: “Earnest is crazy as hell.”
Fatty Johnson: “Fatty farts a lot.”
Thad Carlson: “Thad's got an annoying lisp.”


Angie Ng: "I've seen Angie with Christy around the hallways a few times."
Gary Smith: “I’ve heard rumors about Gary but I don’t really know him that well.”
Gloria Jackson: "Gloria's in my English class and she's pretty smart for a little girl."
Gordon Wakefield: "Gordon's something of a know-it-all."
Ivan Alexander: “I wonder how many hours of sleep Ivan’s been getting.”
Karen Johnson: "I think Karen would become a member of the Jocks when she's older due to her love for sports."
Lance Jackson: "Lance has introduced me to a couple of good books that I might start reading."
Melody Adams: "Miss Goody-Goody Two Shoes is in one of my classes and she drives me crazy."
Pete Kowalski: “He's the 'Head Boy' and he seems like a really nice kid because he’s one of Jimmy’s best friends.”
Ray Hughes: "I understand how hard it is for Ray to make friends and I feel sorry for him."
Trevor Moore: "I have Trevor in a couple of my classes, but I barely talk to him."


Bryce Montrose: “I usually see Bryce in the library either studying or reading, but I barely talk to him.”
Chad Morris: “I hate how Chad talks trash about the Greasers.”
Gord Vendome: “Gord’s a ‘fashion freak’ and a ‘know-it-all’.”
Justin Vandervelde: “Justin kinda creeps me out sometimes.”
Tad Spencer: “Tad’s got some daddy issues and sadly, he’s one of my neighbors.”

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Crabblesnitch: “I've only been sent to his office once and he gave me a warning.”
Dr. Slawter: “It's kinda depressing hearing him talk about death related topics.”
Dr. Watts: “He's okay but he forgets my name sometimes.”
Edna: “I'm not a fan of her cooking.”
Miss Danvers: “I saw her making out with Dr. Crabblesnitch in the teachers’ lounge.”
Miss Peters: “I hate her annoying sassy attitude.”
Mr. Burton: “He’s a pervert but at least he put me on the ‘popular’ team in dodgeball.”
Mr. Galloway: “Despite being drunk, he’s one of my favorite teachers.”
Mr. Hattrick: “I hate his fatass and how he’s rude to Mr. Galloway and to other students.”
Mr. Luntz: “He runs the school store and that’s where I bought my gym clothes.
Mr. Matthews: “He seems like a really nice teacher.”
Mr. Wiggins: “I tend to fall asleep in his class because History is so boring.”
Mrs. Carvin: “She helped me find some great books for me to check out.”
Mrs. MacRae: “Some of her medication has some side effects.”
Mrs. Peabody: “I hate that old hag and she's a fucking bitch.”
Ms. Philips: “My favorite teacher at Bullworth Academy.”
Neil: “He may not be in a good mood everyday but he’s still a good person.”


Edward Seymour II: “Edward's not as corrupted as the other prefects.”
Karl Branting: “Karl comes up with the dumbest rules for Bullworth.”
Max MacTavish: “Just because Max carries a baton in his pants; it doesn't make him a real police officer.”
Seth Kolbe: “Out of all of the prefects, Seth's nothing but a dick.”

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