Aquila StarBeast Picture

Appearance: Ep.02
Motif: Eagle
Element: Fire
Abilities: Flight, Raising Body Temperature.
Weapon(s): Razor Sharp Talons and Wings.

Punching Power: 4t
Kicking Power: 3t
Max Jump Height: 35m
Max Flight Speed: 15 to 20 mph
Max Diving Speed: 75 to 80 mph
Attack(s): Talon Slam, Talon Press, Slash Feather Blade, Fireball, Burning Feathers, Meteor Feather Shower.

A street thug named, "Gavin" gained possession of a blank Sign Card. It's dark energy empowered him and transformed the leader of the The Phoenixes into the first Starbeast, Aquila. This monster can manipulate its own body heat to generate small fire fireballs. The feathers on its body are as strong as steel and as sharp as knives. Aquila can concentrate its energy and throw off its own feathers for a violent attack of 'Burning Feathers'. For a more offensive attack, Aquila's wings can extend and be used as swords.

Researcher's Note:
-Aquila's name is latin for 'eagle'. It is also represents the great eagle that carried Zues' Thunderbolts to him in Greek-Roman Mythology.
-Aquila is also associated with the eagle who kidnapped Ganymede, a son of one of the kings of Troy to make him become cup-bearer to the Gods.
-Aquila's brightest stars are Altair, Alshain & Tarazed.
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