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Here we are with another recast meme. This time, it's with a movie that's had many movie adaptations, but this one is the most different. Not because it's animated, but with how much was changed from the original mythology; Hercules.

Somehow, I feel that this was the right choice, but also copped my way out. It's not that I have a problem with Chris Pratt, I do like him in Parks & Rec, Lego Movie & Jack Frost from Guardians. He can do the cockyness & good-hearted nature of Herc. My main problem is that I feel like I could've gone with someone else, like Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, someone like that. Did I make the right choice?

With MEG, I have a couple choices for who should play her, I just haven't narrowed it down yet. Here's who I'm thinking or & why I'm conflicted: Emma Stone (she can be sassy & sang well in Easy A, but she sort of seems too young), Jennifer Lawrence (she's got the sass but can she sing?), Miley Cyrus (would she willing to work for Disney again with her new image?), Anna Kendrick (she can sing, but can she act sassy enough?) or Christy Carlson Romano (would she be consider too random a choice)? Tell me who'd be best in the comments.
(young) & Chris Pratt (adult) as Hercules

HADES also has a good chunk of actors to choose from. First is James Woods, 'cause he's been the original & has always been up for voicing Hades no mater what the project. Michael Keaton would be in the same veins as Beetlejuice. (heck, someone even synched BJ's lines to Hades). Conan O'Brian has the smarmyness & for cruise shows, Hades is often represented as a late-night talk show host. (& they can just dye his giant poofy hair blue). Finally, Christopher Walken, because... he's Christopher f**king Walken. What more is there to day? Again, like Meg, tell me who you'd think would be best.

It's strange how with all my LAD recast memes (so far), they've contained the original voice actor in their role. Again, I don't know if you guys consider it laziness ("Oh, he just ran out of ideas.") or perfectly fitting ("That's fantastic, no one else can play that guy"). Aside from Grumpy, I think Eric Goldberg one stated that he also put a bit of DeVito in the appearance of Phil. How can you go with that?

PAIN & PANIC don't have as many casting choices (it's actually only two people each). First is Key (Panic) & Peele (Pain). They obviously have great chemistry together & it'd be great to see them work off Woods, Keaton, O'Brian or Walken. The other pairing is Bobby Moynihan (Pain) & Charlie Day (Panic). They've got the physical appearances & are great on SNL & Always Sunny.

"I don't think your pinto likes me very much." That says it all. I've heard people say that there aren't any white pinto horses in the world, but hey; CGI can fix that & can make anything possible.

Offerman's got the threatening appearance to him (when he has his mustache, at least), & even his humor (not the dry-like humor from Parks & Rec) would fit in with the original God of thunder. Besides, he's worked with Pratt before & just think: them working as father & son.

She was randomly pulled out of a hat.

This goes back to what I said about DeVito as Phil. After seeing concept art for Hermes, he had different designs & I think once they got Paul as the voice, they flat-out did a caricature of him. I mean, the image of him playing piano alone speaks for itself. I was originally thinking maybe Seth MacFarlane or Jesse Tyler Ferguson, but soon went back to Paul.

As you can see, YOUNG HERC isn't cast either, but unlike the other blank spots where I have actors in mind, I don't have anything for young Herc. Could Troy Gentile work?

For THE MUSES, I went with choosing singers who, yes, ARE maybe-too-up-to-date, but hey, they originally wanted the Spice Girls. Basically, the opposite of my Tiana rule from my P&TF meme. We have AMBER RILEY AS THAILA, RAVEN SYMONE AS CLIO, BEYONCE AS CALLIOPE, ALICIA KEYS AS MELPOMENE & JANELLE MONAE AS TERPISCHORE.

With THE FATES, I have two out of three chosen. I went with more serious British actresses, because, they're probably the most serious characters in the entire movie. They don't crack jokes (not like Villains Tonights) so I have MAGGIE SMITH AS LACHESIS & HELEN MIRREN AS CLOTHO. ATROPOS is the only left.

With NESSUS, I'm thinking either an actor who's played wrestlers (like Sly Stallone) or a wrestler who's a semi actor (like Hulk Hogan). Maybe either one of those from the 90s to fit in the 90s-esque feel of the movie. He'd probably be motion capture or just blue screen his upper-half & CGI the legs.

Why not? He can just do his Gollum screechy voice as the Hyrda's roar.

That's what I got for Herc. & no, that's not a typo in the title; this IS part 1. I have another separate meme coming soon for the Gods & the Titans.

Comment & enjoy!

Hercules (1997) (c) Disney
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