.:GM22:. The Wooden Horse Picture

This is the Wooden Horse of Troy, the one that granted to Hellenic warriors the victory over Troy..., no joke, this is the real one. At the head, perhaps, is Odysseus, the mastermind behind this strategy, and after him is Achilles, shutting up some imprudent soldier that could compromise the mission; fortunately the mission was a success. The troyan soldier didn't notice the stratagem..., and who would, with such a "great" disguise...

Ah..., at the background is Icarus, falling. Why did I put him there, knowing that Icarus fell near Ikaria and not near Troy? I guess I just wanted to draw Icarus somewhere, and thought that puting him there helped with the composition... Just a theory, since I don't really remember.

This drawing is another favorite of mine.

Mechanical pencil (graphite) and lined paper.
Effects and details added using Photoshop 7.
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